Xiangyu Dingzhen Trading Co., Ltd. Introduced shrink film labeling machine

The SHRINKABLE LABEL INSERTER introduced by Xiamen Xiangyu Dingzhen Trading Co., Ltd. has an efficient and stable production speed, manual and automatic work mode selection, and flexible and convenient debugging features. The shrink film sleeve labeler is designed for shrink film labels, and has two options for setting the length of the sleeve label and setting the sensing and measuring. It is applicable to a wide range of bottle types and can be used for round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and other types of bottles. Applicable to shrink sleeves for food, beverages, mineral water, soy milk, soy sauce, cosmetics, shampoo, etc.

At the same time, the company also provides a variety of gaskets, including (INDUCTION SEAL, pressure-sensitive PRESSURE SENSITIVE, foam FOAM, GLASSIEN LINER). Regardless of the container (PP, PET, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PS, Duracon, glass, metal, or any engineering plastic) that the user uses, Corresponding to the application, the aluminum foil gasket can be provided.

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