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Find a sport that can last a lifetime

"Can you run as usual?" is the first question I asked to ask a doctor after pregnancy. She glanced at me, very calm: "Of course." Pregnancy exercise is good for childbirth, but the child is alive, she also told me not to gain too much weight in the first three months, "because the back is unstoppable."

As for what kind of exercise, the doctor said that it is not dangerous, as long as it is before pregnancy (if there is no exercise habit before pregnancy, it is not necessary to start "physical training" from pregnancy...). Rock climbing, skiing, high jump and other "finding sports", it is best to change the way; riding strength is not big, not bad, but the second trimester will reduce or even stop, after all, the road is dangerous, and easy to lose balance.

Adding some muscles, especially the abdominal muscles, the back muscles and the pelvic floor muscles, is also good for giving birth. So if you are in the pregnancy period, you will be happy to go to reserve muscles! The back muscles can compete with the big front. I always think that pregnant women are holding their big belly while holding their hands from behind. It is not very good to look forward to it... Of course you may feel that it is so attractive, it is another matter. Pelvic floor muscle exercise is more beneficial, in addition to having children, anti-decubitus, can also increase sexual well-being, training and healthier ~

Going by force is the criterion

Whether it's swimming, brisk walking or running, it's important to understand your body's tolerance and adaptability. If you really can't control the intensity, you can refer to the heart rate of no more than 140. In layman's terms, don't breathe. On the land, don't even talk.

To tell an extreme example, Gao Yanjinzi won the International Modern Dance Award in 3 months of pregnancy. When she signed up, she still didn't know she was pregnant. At that time, a doctor told her that life itself is very tenacious. If this life is thin, you will sneeze and he will flow away. If life is strong, you can't fall down from the mountains. That is to say, we should naturally face the phenomenon of life. Of course, I am not encouraging everyone to take risks. The movement that Gao Yanjinzi insists on, she is very comfortable in driving, and the training before the game must be her ability.

Back to my condition, there was no blood and no other abnormalities. The physical strength at the beginning of pregnancy was surprisingly good. I didn’t feel tired when I ran for 8,000 or 10,000 meters in the first two months. Now I am running 6000-7000 meters on the treadmill at almost 10 speeds, twice a week. When the air pollution is less than 70, I commute to work and commute to 46 kilometers (by the way, only two days last week meet my cycling standards, this week is even worse, only one morning...).

As for the weight, it has not changed at all, hey, got the doctor's affirmation. Although the waist circumference has increased significantly! But many boys on the subway grabbed the seat in front of me as usual...

He: "Flat!"

I turned around.

He: "Micro convex!!"

I said, in fact, pregnant women can be seen as pregnant women in a few months, Gu Yourong said: "Go to Taobao to buy you a fake belly!"

Young women of the appropriate age insist that only the photos are seen. I estimate that you have seen more on this scale, and I am relieved. The following comparison chart, the first one was taken in Taiwan last October, and the second one was the day before yesterday (this article was written on 2014-03-19). The big scorpion in April is said to be the size of "avocado", 10 cm long, the eyes can feel the light and start to cooperate with the light, and the stomach still can't feel moving!


I still want to say a few words about sports. Someone once asked me, do you like running? To be honest, I don't know who is really passionate about running. Every time I fasten my shoelaces, I feel very unhappy in my heart, but the process and the pleasure of giving people again and again can make people want to stop. Everyone can find this feeling, there must be a kind of exercise that you like.

Some people around me often don't understand. But those who have actually experienced pregnancy will understand that the process of pregnancy is different from other daily diseases and even intractable diseases. It can't be seen or touched. The various risks make you feel that the human body is so uncontrolled and unpredictable. Because of these, there is no other choice. It should be more peaceful than fear, because there is nothing in the world that is not "risk."

Regardless of eating, drinking, and living, my guideline is to understand yourself, understand science, and then return to yourself, consider all possible situations, and even consider the worst-case situation, be prepared mentally; but do not need the danger, the probability of small probability. To scare yourself. Pregnancy is a personal stage of life, and most people can go through it. Human beings have grown to such a large scale, and you can at least realize that evolution is not so failure in people!

Notice: There are too many pieces of knowledge on the Internet that warn pregnant women, at most, "how to eat." Yesterday I studied calcium supplementation for one night, and there is a lot of controversial vitamin A, which is plagued by me... Please look forward to the next article, what is pregnant and what pregnant women lack.

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