Variety of packaging dimensions will become the future trend of the food industry

Food packaging not only guarantees the quality of the product during storage and transportation, but also bears the burden of attracting consumers. When consumers buy foods, in addition to being attracted by exquisite food packaging and reasonable prices, the proper packaging size is also an important factor in determining consumer purchases.

In fact, for packaging design, size is an index that is not often mentioned but is extremely important. It is impossible for any product designer and brand to ignore size issues, and its product strategy for the brand is becoming more and more important.

     Recently, the “power of the meat” survey report released by the United States showed that shoppers pay great attention to convenience, diversity and transparency when making purchase decisions in the meat sales area. In terms of purchase decision-making drivers, the price per pound of meat and the total price of packaging become the dominant factor in the purchase of meat and poultry products by shoppers. The total price of packaging is even more important for small families and people in the millennium. This illustrates the diversification of future packaging sizes.

     In the same way, Ying Minte’s report also listed some facts: Compared with the past, families all over the world gradually think that large-capacity milk is more valuable; 39% of British consumers want to see more small bottles of alcoholic beverages; 50 % Health-conscious snackers expressed willingness to try new products in small quantities.

This shows that with the continuous expansion of the brand's product portfolio, in order to meet consumer demand for different occasions at different occasions, we must provide more specifications size choices - small smaller, larger and larger.

     Consumers are increasingly demanding product sizes, and are actually closely related to their changing lifestyles. Take the example of a young office worker in the city. Most of them are living alone or with one or two people. It is more appropriate to buy small amounts of food; they are concerned about health and health, and high-calorie foods are good for small packages. On the other hand, this group of people has a relatively limited cost of living and is also more budget conscious. They will compare the size of the price to purchase more cost-effective products.

     In recent years, meat, sweets and beverages have been packaged in smaller sizes, which is related to people’s awareness of health promotion and attention to body size. Since it is because of the consumer's demand to lead innovations in the packaging dimensions of meat, sweets, and beverages, other foods will certainly follow the market trend and introduce more different sizes of product packaging.

     To achieve diversification of food packaging dimensions, the corresponding packaging machinery will face reform and innovation. Although China's current part of the packaging machinery has begun to produce new-size packaging, but the packaging technology and equipment manufacturing capacity has not yet reached a mature stage, compared with the international advanced level, there is a big gap. Therefore, China's packaging machinery manufacturers need to timely research and development of new technologies and equipment manufacturing capabilities to meet consumer demand for different sizes of food, to keep up with the world packaging machinery technology.

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