The realization and application of remote printing

In view of the current trends in the world and digital proofing companies that have been used, digital proofing technology is already quite mature. Basically, this technology is based on digital networks. With regard to the current practice situation, this trend is the foreseeable future. .

One, long-distance printing technology development

(a) One input Many out-put application

With the development of cross-platform and cross-media file formats such as XML, PDF, etc., the use of communication processes and automatic production are greatly facilitated. Combining with the concept of Database, the single input information file (One input) and the multiple output (Many output) are applied. In addition to the output of the printed matter, other web pages and CD electronic media can use these files.

(II) Internet Application and Color Management Technology

With the rapid and convenient development of network transmission and file compression technologies, and the application of color management technology, network-enhanced printing, which is currently only used as a small file, will gradually become remotely proofed and remotely distributed.

(3) The future printing industry will have the opportunity to become the integrator of the multimedia digital world, and use the professional advantages of the printing industry to transform from the original Prepress to Premedia.

(4) The printing industry in the future will be transformed into an information carrier service provider, a media solution provider, and a multimedia digital world integrator (integrated digital content data → digital content industry).

(5) The integration of information from printing to information includes the integration of information applications and digital graphics. The long-term development trends are like document management, database applications, security mechanisms, electronic invoices, digital asset management, and digital content publishing.

There are several points in the development of long-distance printing technology. The key technologies are the color management technology, PDF flow, Hybrid dot and color standardization concepts. These key points will be the factors that need special attention when developing distant printing.

Second, ICC Profile color management system

(1) In order to solve the problem of incompatibility between manufacturers of various color management systems, several large computers and peripheral equipment makers established the ICC-International Color Consortium International Color Consortium in 1993 and established a standard format for color profile descriptions. ICC Standard Profile.

(2) ICC defines the color profile of each device to support the establishment of the color characteristics of each device, that is, after the input device, display device, and output device are processed by a standardized standard program, a so-called color profile is generated. (ICC Profile) and embed in image files. These files include image files such as PICT, EPS, TIFF, and JFIF. The color profile of different devices is linked through different color space conversion modes.

(3) The use of ICM 2.0 file format (Image Color Manage-ment) to support the storage and application of ICC profiles on PC personal computers above Windows 98/NT4.0.

(D) Apple Macintosh operating platform is to use Color Sync 2.5 file format to support ICC Profile.

(five) ICC

Profile is used to convert the color space between different devices in series. It provides a set of profile standards that can be followed by various manufacturers. It has now become the standard of profiles for profiles of color profiles recognized by the industry. The profile of the device complies with the ICC standard, and color management software can be used to achieve the goal of maintaining color consistency.

Third, color quality control technology

It is mainly divided into two parts: one is the color management of general print, and the other is the color quality control in digital files. First, the general print control is introduced. The most basic printing is the issue of output gauges. Commonly used control methods include four methods: register control analysis, full plate density control, dot gain control, and gray balance control.

The other is ICC

Profile color profile quality assessment, when we enter an image file into the computer, the profile data generated on the computer is correct, you can use the established description file to join the image, when it is added, there will be a significant change.

The Research Center has also developed compatible ICC Profile software technology that can be used to assess whether the color space is incorrect. The profile used by the inspection is abnormal. If the manufacturer needs it, it can also contact the Institute.

Source: Greater China Graphic Arts Network

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