The principle and application of the new Pratt & Whitney analytical temperature and humidity recorder

Temperature and humidity recorder is mainly used for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity during storage and transportation of food, medicine and fresh goods. Through the temperature and humidity sensor, the temperature and humidity collection worthy data, device ID number, power supply mode and real-time date and time are displayed on the recorder with sound and light alarm. It is also possible to record the collected data in the built-in FLASH, and display the data on the PC through communication. On the PC, through the upper computer analysis software, the real-time data can be displayed and the data can be exported to the EXCEL file for analysis, and the historical data waveform can also be seen. .

Temperature and humidity measurement is a new field of modern measurement, especially the measurement of humidity is constantly moving forward. The process of length measurement, dry-wet method and today's electrical measurement has made the humidity measurement technology mature. Today, because we are no longer satisfied with the measurement of temperature and humidity, especially the monitoring of some places directly requires real-time recording of the whole process temperature and humidity changes, and based on these changes to determine the safety of the storage process, resulting in new temperature and humidity Measuring instrument - the birth of temperature and humidity recorder.

The temperature and humidity recorder measures the temperature and humidity parameters and stores them in the internal memory at predetermined time intervals. After completing the recording function, it is connected to the PC, and the stored data is presented and valued by the adaptation software. Time, the instrument for analysis. The instrument can be used to determine that the storage process, the experimental process and other related processes do not have any events that endanger product safety.

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