The most cute baby tacos

The baby is dressed as a Mexican taco by the parents.
The most cute Mexican chicken roll
[ Global Network Comprehensive Report ] We often encounter children who are "potholes", but have you seen the parents of "Pit Child"? According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 2, on Halloween eve, a couple did not take the usual path, dressed up their babies in the shackles into delicious burritos. The uninformed little guy is happy and looks like a netizen.
It is understood that in order to grab the limelight on Halloween night, many people rack their brains to design all kinds of wonderful costumes, such as vampires, skull heads, ninja turtles... from perfect to vulgar, everything. There is a lovely couple who are ingenious, dressing up their own children as a cute Mexican burritos, and successfully achieving the goal of “Pit Child”.
They wrapped the little one in a corn-colored comfort blanket, put some lettuce, tomatoes, and even a layer of tin foil on him. To improve their fidelity, they also placed a box of Mexican cornflakes and a drink next to the child. This little guy looks like a delicious burritos. He was comfortably lying on the blanket, his expression was still cheerful, and he did not know that he was "played bad" by his father and mother. Many netizens saw this "Mexico burritos" shouting: "Being mad!" (Internship Compilation: Jinrong Review: Zhu Yingku)

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