The Lubricating Oil Packaging Design before the Finals (Part I)

Focus One: Packaging is the carrier for enriching corporate image and product internal quality. Good product packaging not only enhances the product and corporate image, but also stimulates the customer's desire to purchase in the terminal, enhances the promotional power of the product in the terminal, and creates more sales. opportunity.

Focus 2, some companies do not attach importance to packaging, casually get things done, product packaging "lagging" so that marketing resistance doubled, saving the initial product design packaging costs tens of thousands of yuan or more than ten million, but in the terminal promotion The price paid several times or even ten times more can touch the customer. Not to mention that the "poor packaging design" affects the grade and grade of the product, which is not conducive to the rapid establishment of the product brand in the market.

Focus III. The product homogeneity in the lubricants market is now very serious, and innovative product packaging can make the homogenized products produce differences, and relatively speaking, the cost is not high. The realization of differentiated marketing often begins with the characteristic design of products.

There is a lubricants company, with annual sales of nearly 200 million yuan, and the product packaging just spent a few thousand dollars, casually invited personal design to see almost the same thing. Every year, companies invest hundreds of thousands of yuan or even several million yuan in advertising on the media, radio stations, and television stations. The packaging of products is insignificant. There is no impression that high-end products are the first impression. Regardless of how they are displayed on the shelves, because the product packaging is “born insufficiencies,” at first glance, it seems that Tujia Road has always been difficult to erect the prestige of “brand names”.

This is a common problem for many companies. Many companies prefer to spend a large sum of money on advertising, that is, they are not willing to spend a few dollars to improve product packaging. This is a big misunderstanding. Product packaging is very important in the terminal. It is the focus of face-to-face contact between the enterprise and the customer. It is the most direct factor in inducing customers to purchase. Compared to product-based personalized promotions and strong point-of-sale advertisements, the product packaging is an innate terminal. Therefore, product packaging is the real “terminal”. If "nature" is insufficient, it is necessary to rely on "acquired" to make up. It is worth noting.

We all know a "Dupont Law". DuPont once conducted a thorough market survey and concluded that customers went to the market to go shopping. 63% of them made purchase decisions based on the packaging and decoration of products. Housewives who go shopping in supermarkets are usually attracted more than 45% of their purchases when they go out, due to the attractive packaging and decoration. Lubricant products as semi-fast-moving consumer goods are no exception. Products with tempting and visual impact can easily attract agents to cooperate in the early stage of investment promotion. They can also help frontline salespeople to convince in the later stage of marketing. Customers are easy for consumers to accept, especially in the era when the terminal is winning. Whether it can attract people's attention is a key factor in the success of a new brand.

Indeed, a good package is the terminal "silent promoter." The first thing the customer sees is the product packaging. If the product packaging can not attract the attention of the customer and cannot stand out from many brands, the possibility of the product being purchased by customers will be greatly reduced.

In addition to its function of protecting products, packaging can also attract the attention of target customers, capture the excitement of customers, and encourage customers to take purchases. The consumption of lubricating oil is mostly habitual consumption. Consumers rarely take the initiative to change brands. New brands only make consumers “excited” to achieve sales, and the most exciting factor for attracting customers is packaging. Therefore, packaging must be able to attract the attention of customers, and the packaging design that embodies the connotation of the product can be exquisitely and creatively created. It is different from competing products and attracts customers to purchase. Otherwise, it will only be “helpless”. We can see this trend from the unifying and constantly changing appearances, such as Castrol, Mobil, BP and other international brands that started the replacement of packaging.

Product packaging is also a free terminal advertisement. The good packaging formed a strong visual impact, which enabled the customer to have a deep impression on the moment of browsing the product and played the “5-second TV commercial” prompt effect. Packaging is also a product of lifelong advertising, mass media advertising customers may not be able to reach, and customers to the point of sale to buy products will inevitably have to see the product packaging, with prominent packaging on the terminal display stand to make outstanding display, so that customers a glance It can be targeted, more "remind", and can strengthen the customer's impression of the product and brand. Through advertising-type product packaging, on the one hand, it highlights the outside of conventional shelves, rapidly attracts customers' attention among numerous similar products, strengthens the visual stimulation to customers, and increases contact with customers, thereby increasing purchase opportunities; On the other hand, there is no reason for sellers to reject this kind of product packaging with advertising, because good new product packaging can beautify the environment of the store.

How to make the product stand out among many brands through packaging?

In our lubricant industry, the direct consumer terminals are generally auto repair shops, lubricant stores, auto beauty shops, etc. The bosses are rarely specialized in operating a brand of lubricants, often based on the needs of the market, high, medium and low-grade. , Import, domestic and several different levels of brand management at the same time, to meet the needs of different levels of consumers in order to expand their customer base. When customers come to a store to purchase lubricating oil products, they face multiple product brands on the shelf. Their eyes will generally only stay for 2 seconds before each product, and customers will not be able to look through the shelves on the shelf in a short time. All products, to make customers interested in a certain product in a short period of time, manufacturers must design beautiful and novel, unique and attractive product packaging, eye-catching, people can not put it down, the only way to make the product in many The brand stands out.

So how to use packaging to make products stand out from the shelves of many brands? In product packaging design, need to pay attention to those aspects?

1, the product of the box packaging should have a sense of artistry and quality.

Many companies pay attention to the packaging design of product cans, but often overlook the carton packaging of products, think that this is only a means of product protection in the transport process, to the end of consumption when the carton is opened and put aside, there is no big Effect. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of market awareness. At the beginning of the product's entry into the market, agents at the investment promotion stage often look at the carton packaging of the product and at the same time consider the packaging of the carton. Because they want to spread the goods to the retail outlets, customers will also first see the carton packaging. Therefore, the color pattern design of box packaging and the quality of the carton are often the first primary sensory factors that affect a product's quality. Some companies are eager to use cheap recycled paper cartons of 3 to 4 yuan. They have a soft texture, are not moisture resistant, and are subject to mold and wet weather, which is not conducive to inventory. The first deformation of the carton, but also talk about the quality of the product? Therefore, the general grade products will consider the use of plastic color boxes, requiring multiple layers of corrugated paper. Shell is the first international company to adopt color box, and Rimula lubricants is the first company that has used plastic box in a comprehensive way. It not only has strong visual impact, but also produces display effect and moisture proof.

2, the product cans have a strong visual impact
The acceptance of product information by customers in most cases is not proactive. In the mountainous products sold, the packaging must have a strong visual impact so as to jump into the customer's eyes from numerous products and attract them. The customer's attention stimulates the customer's desire to buy. Why are you alone in taking 3,000 RMB? The products on the shelves are dazzling, and all kinds of packaging are in full swing. Customers can only use visual contact for a short time in an instant. Product packaging is attractive and can resonate. Customers will stop their steps to “spectate” products. Therefore, product packaging design can only reduce its danger of being “overwhelmed” by emphasizing its advertising and uniqueness. Shaped packaging was popular in 2002, but it was a short-lived phenomenon. The reason was that the terminal's display space was greatly wasted, and individual brands could not be placed near shelves. In 2003, it began to adopt humanized design. For example, a uniform small package uses an oil guide tube, and the middle barrel uses an oval line, which is more convenient for users to change oil.

3, packaging should pay attention to distinctiveness and identification
The distinctiveness and recognizability of product packaging are as follows: the color and level of the display surface of the packaging subject should not be too much; the brand symbol of the packaging should not be too much miscellaneous; the packaging can not have self-interfering graphics or text description; the packaging color changes, processing and packaging Printing (or stickers) cannot be fragmented, or dragging water; packaging is best to highlight only one of the main features of the product. Here, the main characteristic of prominent packaging is to maintain the distinctiveness and recognizability of the overall style of packaging design. In color, there is an unwritten “line gauge”, that is, the higher the level of the product, the darker the packaging. Shell's steam engine oil series follows white, red, yellow, blue, and black; Castrol's is light gray, dark green, dark gray, and black; see the unified, is basically this law. The author believes that the current packaging, to Castrol's most likely to sell and affinity, Shell's biggest gas, Jinfu (a so-called imported brand) of the most luxurious, unified is messy, the commander is a rustic Farmhouse wife, BP is four square. The market performance is good, basically have their own characteristics, without their own characteristics, will be gradually eliminated by the market.

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