The first domestic plant fiber degradable packaging material R&D center was established

On October 26th, Chongqing Technology and Business University and Zunyi Dakang Green Products Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Province joined forces to establish the “Fukon Biodegradable Packaging Materials Engineering Technology Center”. It is reported that this is the first domestic plant fiber engineering material technology center for biodegradable packaging materials using orange stalks and other raw materials.
Zunyi Dakang is a company engaged in green technology research and development and product production. The establishment of the center aims to make full use of the abundant bamboo resources and other plant resources in the Zunyi region to promote the in-depth research of green packaging materials. According to the introduction, the raw materials for the “Fukang Biodegradable Packaging Materials Engineering Technology Center” are rural waste. Or low value-added crops as raw materials can increase farmers' income. At the same time, the finished product can be naturally degraded, reducing the company’s necessary expenses.

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