The deep effect of the mud mask in the skin of the skin

After the summer, your skin care "meal" can be added to the deep cleaning of weekly care. A deep cleansing mask that removes excess keratin and dirt deeper. Therefore, it is especially popular in the summer. In the choice of this year, mud is the most popular, but people with sensitive skin can choose the texture of face-applied or almost ordinary cleansing products .

Beauty skin "meal" mud mask deep effect

Neutrogena Neutrogena deep oil control wash film

Reference price: 79 yuan / 100g

Recommended reason: innovative dual use, with special oil control formula, not only is the daily use of facial cleanser, as long as it is light for 3 minutes, it is a weekly deep-adjusting oil control mask to help you easily clean and effectively control oil, deep skin Clean and refreshing feeling.

Beauty skin "meal" mud mask deep effect

Vitamin Springs SkinVitals Purifying Mask

Reference price: 98 yuan / 4 pieces

Recommended reason: Contains tea tree and rosemary extract, which has high-efficiency and cleansing effect, and is suitable for skin problems in the physiological cycle or skin with excessive acne and oil secretion. At the same time, it can replenish and lock in moisture, strengthen the balance system of sebum, and make your skin feel fresh and clean, white and bright, and glow with radiance.

Beauty skin "meal" mud mask deep effect

Ou Dali CAUDALIE Grape Seed Refreshing Balance Mask

Reference price: 242 yuan / 50ml

Recommended reason: This mask is designed for combination skin. Select natural absorbing clay, deep cleansing, purify the skin's balanced sebum secretion, accelerate the aging of old dead dandruff, restore the skin's natural luster, and will not dry the skin after use.

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