The advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors look at three indicators

When selecting and evaluating the quality of a wooden door brand, there are three important professional indicators to look at: craft, quality, and performance.

1. Process Because the wooden door is a multi-step and multi-process product, the professional wooden door processing technology is very important, which determines the durability, durability and service life of the wooden door. Each wooden door must be treated with special equipment to change the fiber structure of the wood, and at the same time effectively control the expansion of the wood, so that the wooden door structure is more stable and durable, to meet different climates. The treatment of the paint surface not only requires improving the wear resistance and the look and feel of the wooden door, but also achieves excellent environmental performance. The installation of wooden doors and door covers requires integrated installation, shortening on-site installation time, eliminating noise and environmental pollution, and achieving factory processing.

2, the quality of quality products, must rely on professional experience and advanced processing equipment, using modern processing methods, supplemented by scientific quality management system and rigorous work style, so that products always maintain high quality. Strict selection and first-class quality are just one aspect of the boutique, and the other is the artistic design. Wooden doors are not only the separation of rooms, but also decorative art. All design styles of wooden doors should have its design concept and cultural connotation. When entering the room, you will feel the cultural connotation and artistic charm brought by the wooden door.

3, performance After the double guarantee of process and quality, the performance of the wooden door will be the final process to check whether the product is qualified, meet the needs of use, how many kilograms of impact it can withstand, standard deformation, environmental indicators, moisture content of finished products, etc. Wait, but consumers don't have to worry, because the professional-grade wooden door manufacturer will provide the test data and national standards of the national authoritative testing department as a reference for consumers.

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