Textile Digital Inkjet Printing

The origin of textile digital ink jet printing (hereinafter referred to as digital printing) can be traced back to the birth of the Milliken-Millitron carpet printing machine in 1975. Since then, digital printing technology has achieved great success on paper and film, inspiring people to promote the use of textile printing. At the ITMA in Hannover, Germany in 1991 exhibited a fabric digital printer from the Netherlands Stork company and samples of its printed fabrics; at the ITMA in Milan, Italy, in 1995 exhibited a reactive dye ink, with a production capacity of 4,6m2/h and a resolution of 360 The wide-format digital printing machine at 720dpi has opened the curtain for European trials of digital printing machines. At the same time, the Seisen company in Japan applied more than 200 Viscotecs digital printing machines made by itself to realize the industrialization of digital printing fabrics. This is a decisive first step in fabric digital printing.

In the meantime, the digital printing ink-jet method has evolved from continuous ink-jet to drop-on-demand, and correspondingly developed the hot bubble method and the micro-piezoelectric technology, among which the micro-piezoelectric technology is increasingly dominating. The belt-guided digital printing machine with lifting function has become the mainstream model. At the same time, the supporting digital printing fabric front and rear processing equipment has also come out one after another, laying the foundation for the development of fabric digital printing.

In the past two years, digital printing technology has made great progress. Based on the articles published two years ago, the author further elaborated the new progress and application prospects of the technology.

Source: China Dyeing Clothes Network

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