Taiwan Qingyang Automation Company Launches Hydraulic Paper Tray Forming Machine

Taiwan Qingyang Automation Co., Ltd. recently introduced the hydraulic paper tray forming machine, which has a high production speed and meets the needs of mass production. This paper tray forming machine is controlled by a computer touch screen, and the change of mold setting is quick and easy. With automatic detection of feeding, automatic counting, stacking and product ejection, it can reduce the defect rate and increase the speed. The upper and lower limits of the temperature mold can be controlled automatically, and the molding pressure can be adjusted to suit a variety of products and sizes. In the event of a malfunction, the computer will automatically display abnormal items and exclusion methods. Maintenance and operation are convenient. The types of paper trays that the machine can produce include discs, square plates, shallow plates, oval plates, and the like.

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