Super soft TPE with soft touch

Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical, has successfully developed a softer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that has the properties of a fully cured elastomer, while being softer, dry, and Silky touch. Santoprene® TPE grade X8211-25 is suitable for use in a wide variety of consumer products and packaging applications. These areas require not only softer handles but also performance that can withstand frequent exposure to heat, oil, chemicals, and other solvents.

X8211-25 is developed using proprietary technology. "Materials determiners can now choose a new type of TPE that not only has a very soft, silky feel, but also has additional properties as a fully vulcanized elastomer," said Alf Nielson, global manager of consumer marketing, "This new grade of Santoprene TPE Applicable to high-quality consumer products, its products are positioned to pursue fashion, high-tech, or application areas with both style and functional requirements."

The 8211-25 can withstand quite a few dishwasher washings; it is well tolerant to high temperatures and chemicals, including edible oils; it also has good compression set. These advantages make it ideal for consumer products used in harsh environments, as well as those that require longer-lasting product applications that do not evolve oil.

AES has developed this softer Santoprene TPE grade to meet the demand and create market opportunities. This very soft elastomer combines aesthetics and performance advantages with ease of coloration.

“Many consumer product designers and manufacturers previously brought a soft touch to their products by sacrificing product performance,” Nielsen said. “Santoprene TPE offers a new solution that combines a soft touch with good engineering performance, and thus makes it more More design choices and more complex product shapes are possible."

This new grade is part of the Santoprene TPE 8000 series. These grades also have the advantage of non-hygroscopicity (without drying); easy coloring; excellent processability, especially for complex parts.

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