Solving Word Output Problems with Acrobat

In the prepress production work, we often encounter customers holding their own Word format electronic files, require bulk printing, but the document is a picture, text mixed format, the output center can not separate and output four-color film.

We can easily solve this problem by using Adobe Acrobat software as follows:

1. Install Adobe Acrobat software (such as Adobe Acrobat 4.0) and finish adding Acrobat PDFWriter printers.

(1) Select Setup to accept the "License Agreement";

(2) Select the setting type as specific, select the target folder to be installed;

(3) Select the components to be installed, select the Acrobat program file, and be sure to select the Acrobat PDFWriter file item;

(4) Enter personal information and product serial number;

(5) Select End and restart the computer.

2. Open the mixed Word color document, select the Acrobat PDFWriter printer, select Print to file in the printer properties, enter the file name *. Pdf, save the file.

3. Open Adobe photoshop 6.0, select and open the generated *. Pdf file. In the image size dialog box that appears, it is recommended to input more than 200dpi in the resolution field, so that later photosetters can output higher quality films; then perform simple color scale and curve adjustments on the images; save the file as *. Tif format for posting or post-imposition.

If the Word file is multiple pages, the printed *. Pdf files are also multiple pages, open in Photoshop software*. Save any page in the pdf file as *. Tif format file can be.

The above operations are relatively simple and can quickly convert a mixed-color Word document into a universal file format at the output center, and the film with the same effect as the original design is obtained after the publication.

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