Selection of screen printing machine for cigarette package printing


Lift the screen printing machine printing cigarette packets, you must feel very strange, with the cigarette brand integration in the country, a huge single-brand cigarette production will need to slow printing speed screen printer so it? The answer is yes. Especially in the case of high-end cigarettes with considerable market size, high-grade cigarette package printing and large profit margins, we need to re-examine the screen printing process and reconfigure the functions of the screen printing machine to meet the cigarette package. The need for high quality printing.

(1) Advantages of the screen printing process

It is no stranger to the screen printing process. 20 to 40 screen printing machines work at the same time. After processing, the products waiting for drying are piled up. This used to be a familiar scene, but this scene has not been used for several years. I can see it again. However, the impression of the advantages of the screen printing process is still very impressive.

(1) The ink layer printed by screen printing is thick and colorful. The printed matter is resistant to friction, solvent and high temperature.

(2) Screen printing can form special effects on the surface of the printing material, the most representative of which is the matte effect.

(3) Screen printing can adapt to different printing materials, and there are no special requirements for the surface coating, coating, thickness and quantitative of the printing materials, especially for composite paper and mirror paper, so the screen Printing is often used for the printing of special papers such as PVC and PET films.

(3) Main performance parameters of screen printing machine

High-end packaging printing mainly uses fully automatic screen printing machines. The automatic screen printing machine has great differences in performance. Customers should focus on the following performance when choosing a screen printing machine.

Print size

The screen printing machine has three kinds of webs: 1020mm × 640mm, 900mm × 600mm, 780mm × 540mm. For cigarette package printing, the key is the overprint problem. If the overprinting accuracy can meet the process requirements, you can choose a larger format device. The 1020mm×640mm printing format can not only print small packets of cigarette packets, but also print four-barrel cigarette packets. When selecting the main unit and the drying box, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching of the webs. The width of the drying box should be greater than or equal to the width of the main unit.

2. Printing speed

As far as the printing speed is concerned, there is no substantial difference between the screen printing machine and the drum with 180° or 360° rotation; there is no obvious difference between the domestic machine and the imported machine. The normal production speed of the automatic screen printing machine is 2500~3000 sheets/hour, which requires the acceptance of such a reality when purchasing equipment. It is necessary to consider the number of screen printing machines to be purchased according to the company's product business volume.

3. Selection of drying device

(1) The drying device can be divided into infrared hot air drying and UV curing, which should be selected according to the company's leading products. If it is the first screen printer purchased by the company, it needs to have these two functions. If it is only used for the process of screen glazing, UV curing is enough.

(2) The power of the UV lamp is the key to complete curing. In the power requirements of lamps, transformers, etc., users can make more requirements to the equipment manufacturers. Due to different product types and different inks, the requirements for UV lamp power are quite different, generally 80-120w/cm. . According to experience, when the printing format is above 900mm, the lamp power should not be lower than 10kw/h.

(3) The length of the infrared hot air drying box is mainly considering the adaptability of various screen printing inks. Generally, three ovens are selected, so that the drying time and speed can meet the requirements. If you only use UV-curable inks and varnish, you do not need to choose the infrared hot air drying combination, just choose the UV curing device.

(4) According to the popular screen printing process, ink or varnish has different requirements on the number of drying times, and a combination of one drying or multiple UV curing may be selected depending on the situation.

4. Infrared hot air drying box

The infrared hot air drying box mainly has two kinds of paper feeding modes: paper clip type paper feeding and mesh belt type paper feeding, and the two paper feeding modes have their own characteristics. The main advantage of the paper-clip paper feeding method is that the drying effect is good, and the paper can stay in the drying box for a long time. There are about 1000 paper clips in the drying box. The paper takes a long time from one end of the oven to the other end, and the drying is very sufficient. The temperature of the drying box does not need to be adjusted too high to achieve a better drying effect. The temperature generally does not exceed 50 ° C; its disadvantage is that it is not conducive to the cooperation with the UV curing device and the host.

The characteristics of the mesh belt feeding mode are that the paper passes through the drying box quickly in a flat state, which better solves the problem of cooperation with UV curing. The disadvantage is that the paper has a short residence time in the drying box, which is not conducive to the drying of the thick ink layer, so that the temperature in the drying box is required to be high, and the paper is prone to deformation. For cigarette pack printing, due to the large proportion of UV-cured products, only products that are dried by infrared hot air are less, or that UV curing and infrared hot air drying are required to a large extent, so now generally choose The way the web belt feeds paper.

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