Secretary of the township committee: Incorporating clean-up pesticide bottles into work

In Wanzi Town, Huarong County, Hunan Province, on the bank of Dongting Lake, there is a “rural cleaning team” wearing orange uniforms and tricycles. They travel through the fields every day and are responsible for the collection of waste pesticide bottles and spent batteries within the town. Living garbage. When the villagers mentioned the "village cleaning team", they all gave thumbs up. They said that the "team leader" of the "village cleaning team" was Cai Zhi, party secretary of Wanjia Township. In the half-monthly talks, the reporter found the town party committee secretary who was in the eyes of his colleagues. The following is Cai Zhi's description.

In August 2006, I served as Party Secretary of Wanxun Township. At the beginning of my term of office, I also like other “new officials” and think full of “doing things and seeking a bigger picture”.

Until April 2007, when I visited Changsha to see a sick old colleague, everything changed. In that year, Zhang Shankun, dean of the Wanli Town Senior Care Home, was admitted to the Hunan Cancer Hospital for nasal cancer. The healthy old Zhang was like a dead tree in the same wind and was tortured by illnesses.

The experience of visiting the disease deeply hit me. Before leaving the hospital, I specifically asked an old professor at the Cancer Hospital. Professor and I talked about a lot of knowledge related to cancer. The professor told me that the current incidence of cancer in rural areas has a lot to do with environmental pollution, especially pesticide bottles that are widely seen in rural areas. The hazards of pesticide residues are not only in the countryside, but also in air, soil, and water, polluting agricultural products, and thus threatening the health of all humans.

After returning from Changsha, my heart could not be calm for a long time. I did not expect that the pesticide bottle that wasn't normal at all was actually harmful! A few days later, I convened a township cadre meeting and decided to launch cadres to conduct a household survey within the township. The subject of the investigation was the pesticide bottle.

To find out the situation. Based on the situation of households touching the village, we selected 125 households to conduct a full survey of pesticide use. The results of the final survey came out to scare you.

According to the investigation of the pesticide use situation of 125 households, more than 80% of the farmers reported. Discard the vial after you have finished the drug and do nothing at all. According to the actual situation, it is estimated that there will be 800,000 pesticide bottles produced annually in the town of 66,000 mu of cultivated land.

Later, I also let the township hospital recall the new rural cooperative data since 2003. The results showed that from 2003 to 2006, 147 cases of cancer occurred in a small Wanzi town, and the incidence rate showed a linear upward trend, and most of them were esophageal cancer and liver cancer directly related to food and drinking water. Wait.

Having figured out the situation, I and my colleagues together decided to clean up the pesticide bottle as the "No. 1 Project" in the town. We quickly established the Wanli Town Action Leading Group to Clean Up Pesticide Bottles. I was the leader of the Leading Group.

I think that cleaning up pesticide bottles is a big issue and cannot be limited to Wanjia Town. At the end of 2007, at the Huarong County People's Congress, I united the deputies of the people's congress of the whole town and sent a "proposal" to the whole county, calling on all the townships in the county to take action and put rural pesticide residue rectification on the agenda.

In the next step, I also plan to do a good job in the “four clear projects” in Wan Geng Town, which is to clean water, clean the countryside, clean our homes and clean energy. As long as I still work in the town party committee secretary for one day, the pesticide bottle cleaning is my “one project.” Protecting the rural environment will always be the “top priority” in my eyes.

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