Research Reagents-Chinese experts create "pouch suture technology" instead of traditional needle thread suture method

Professor Fan Zhining of Nanjing Medical University presented a new suture technology "pouch suture technology" at the 7th International Double Lens and NOTES Conference in Spain at the end of 2013. At present, this operation used in the field of digestive endoscopy has been performed at home and abroad More than 40 cases were successful and the results were published in the American Journal of Endoscopic Surgery.

After the stomach tumor is removed, the wound needs to be sutured. Professor Fan Zhining placed a titanium clip on the edge of the wound through an endoscope, and a nylon rope loop passed through the titanium clip. Then, multiple titanium clips were placed around the wound, and the nylon rope passed through these titanium clips to form a "pocket opening". Finally, the snare was tightened, and the wound was closed tightly like a tight purse.

According to reports, the use of titanium clips can avoid the tedious use of silk thread stitches, titanium clips are also harmless to the human body. The surgical tool is simple and the procedure is simple, so that the wound can be firmly sutured and not easy to fall off. Moreover, because it is a minimally invasive surgery, there will be no obvious scars on the patient's stomach. Professor Fan Zhining introduced that he has performed more than 40 cases abroad using this suture technique, and no infection occurred. This method can gradually replace surgical repair suture technique. There have been reports that this procedure does not affect the patient's postoperative survival rate and can guarantee the integrity of the organ.

At this meeting, the personal doctor Professor Amingo, former president of the International Olympic Committee, Samaranch, commented on Professor Fan ’s keynote speech and surgical technique: "Chinese doctors’ clinical technology, especially digestive endoscopy technology has reached the international advanced level . "

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