Refractive printing process

Refractive printing is a new printing process that emerged in the early 80s of the last century. Can make the surface of the printed product has a novel and unique metal mirror refractive effect. The refraction printing is produced by the imprinting method. According to the diffusion principle of light, the printed product reflects the change of light from multiple angles, and makes full use of the surface state of the paper, so that it contributes to the diffuse reflection of light and achieves a better refraction effect. On the basis of the refraction, we can design concrete or abstract patterns according to the stereoscopic perspective, and apply a variety of diffractive lines in a comprehensive manner to make the picture produce a hierarchical stereoscopic image. The process of imprinting on metallic paper can make the product dazzling, gorgeous in color and strong in three-dimensional.

The technological practice of the diffractive printing is: First, according to design requirements, a regular geometric line texture pattern is selected as a refractive index pattern, which is generally a combination of straight lines or curves, and is not suitable for selecting thicker or thinner lines. Generally speaking, the ratio of solid line and blank line is l:l, and the block pattern or gap is too large or too small, and the distribution lacks regularity. Practice has proved that it is not able to produce refractive effects, and it should not be used as a dioptric pattern. Then, an imprinting plate is manufactured, and according to the size of the light pattern area and the required unit pressure, an appropriate die-cutting creasing machine or a press having a certain pressure is used to perform cold-press molding. It should be pointed out that the selection of embossed plates should be based on copper plates, because the fineness and resistance of copper plates are much better than that of zinc plates. In the dioptric printing process, the choice of printing materials is very important, and it plays a key role in the refraction effect of printed products. Practice has proved that the more metallic luster the selected substrate has, the better the smoothness, and the greater the reflection coefficient to light, the better the refractive effect. In general, a large area of ​​printed silver and gold printed products can produce a refractive effect. However, the use of a smooth metal paperboard, anodized aluminum material works best.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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