Printing plate static protection

The static protection of a printing plate refers to the protection measures that the printing plate should take when it is in the state of printing. The static protection of the printing plate should pay attention to the following points.

1 Non-graphical part of the plate wetting properties protection. The surface of the blank part of the printing plate is a high-energy surface. If it is exposed to air or comes into contact with other oily substances, it can easily absorb excessive non-polar molecules, oil and other impurities, resulting in decreased hydrophilicity and easy adsorption in the printing process. Dirty ink. Therefore, the surface of the blank part of the printing plate needs to be covered with a water film, or the surface of the printing plate is coated with a layer of gum arabic.

2 plates to be protected from light. The graphic part of the plate should not be exposed to light for a long time, especially to avoid direct sunlight.

3 to prevent rigid damage to the plate. To prevent scratching and scratching of the surface of the plate, be careful not to cause "horseshoe-print" irregularities on the plate when taking the plate.

Square Bucket:

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Square Bucket

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