Plastic Bottle Packaging New Form - Refrigerator Package

A few days ago Coca-Cola launched a new product packaging, refrigerator packaging. This package packs 8 cans of soft drinks into a narrow, long combination with an opening to remove the individual beverage cans.

This type of refrigerator packaging was introduced as early as the spring of 2001. It was recently adopted by the Coca-Cola Company in the largest bottler in the United States and is now also available in Singapore.

Four years ago, major beverage packaging suppliers in the United States began to study how to optimize soft drink cans and freeze them for household consumption.

This research using "ethnographic" techniques involves observing people's behavior on specific days in specific circumstances. The researchers followed people to the grocery store and observed how they purchased the product and stored it at home.

Researchers soon realized that carrying box packaging actually hindered the use of canned beverage packaging. Because people always put several canned drinks in the refrigerator, and then put the rest in the cupboard and storage room. When all the cans in the refrigerator are finished, people usually choose other beverages in the refrigerator instead of taking them in the packaging stored in other places. Therefore, beverage suppliers should think of ways to put all canned drinks in the refrigerator.

One of the solutions is the refrigerator packaging. The Coca-Cola Company had developed a similar approach to new products and innovative packaging as early as 1994, and made some changes to improve the functionality of the packaging. Coca-Cola companies in the United States, Hong Kong, and Australia are selling such refrigerator-packed cola. According to the person in charge of the company, the packaging is very clever, saves space, and guarantees a stable source for people who stay home for the weekend.

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