Packaging equipment procurement must pay attention to "three bogeys" to "four ratios"

The development and growth of the enterprise will inevitably be accompanied by an increase in the level of hardware and equipment, while the domestic packaging equipment is still difficult to rival the level of foreign technology, so the purchase of foreign packaging equipment has become the company's choice, and the procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment must pay attention to the "three bogey," Do "four ratios."

Purchasing domestic and international first-class equipment, especially packaging equipment, to improve the quality, taste, image, and selling points of the company's products, gather competitive advantages, and lead the market trend of product packaging to seize market opportunities has been increasingly adopted by powerful companies. Because there is no first-class hardware equipment and first-rate management, it is impossible to produce and produce first-class quality products. How to introduce a fully automatic centrally controlled liquid milk, yoghurt, milk powder, and other complete production lines in the Chinese dairy industry? We have accumulated and summarized our experience in purchasing domestic and foreign equipment in long-term work practices. We would like to share with industry colleagues here.

First, careful procurement, procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment errors should pay attention to "three bogey"

(A), avoid "first talk about price after the set function"

The purpose of the introduction of foreign packaging equipment is to improve the market competitiveness of the company's products. Therefore, the function of the imported packaging equipment, the principle of implementing these functions, and the hardware equipment controlling these functions must be clearly discussed and should be implemented in the technical terms of the contract. And as an integral part of the contract, this part will serve as an important document for acceptance of equipment, acceptance after commissioning, warranty service and equipment maintenance, and spare parts ordering, along with the complete life cycle of the equipment. It is necessary to understand the individual quotation and shelf life of functional components. This will be used as the main reference and basis for the company's future procurement of spare parts. In particular, the quotation, shelf life, and delivery period of the components manufactured by packaging equipment manufacturers must be written into the contract. Of the relevant clauses for inspection. Only the function of the equipment first satisfies the purpose of introduction. We talk about the actual value of the price. If we sacrifice the function to achieve the price target of procurement, it is a big taboo for purchasing equipment.

(B), avoid "from one end"

As much as possible with in-depth technical exchanges with similar suppliers, to understand and grasp the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the level of equipment and technical equipment and unique. Make full use of the uniqueness among suppliers, create uncertainty in the choice of equipment, thereby exacerbating competition among suppliers, and ultimately through this competitive procurement to your desired equipment performance, paying equipment prices that you think are relatively reasonable. In order to achieve the best price performance ratio.

(c) Avoiding "cheap price maps"

No matter what the nature or type of packaging companies at home and abroad, no one company will lose money to sell you packaging equipment. If you have a higher price, then the proportion of low-cost parts and materials they choose during the manufacturing process The higher the score is, the more commonly it is said that "the essence of buying is not to sell." The most fancy for our company to introduce foreign packaging equipment is its "technical equipment level and stable operation quality." If these two purposes are not achieved, the introduction of foreign packaging equipment is not as good as the best domestic equipment.

For example, the plastic cup filling machine popular in the domestic market and the technical equipment and running stability of the fully automatic control model (12,000 cups/hour) produced in Central Asia in Hangzhou are close to the advanced level in foreign countries. For dairy enterprises of regional market sales type, Procurement of this model is better than its price-performance ratio. If small- and medium-sized enterprises or newly-established dairy companies choose the type of plastic packaging product, there is no need to introduce the product, and the introduction and negotiation can be eliminated. . In the procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment, the price reduction is not the first priority of the negotiations.

Second, procurement of domestic and foreign packaging equipment to do "four ratios"

(A) Than "equipment operating costs"

Operating costs of packaging equipment, including: energy consumption (water, electricity, gas, compressed air, etc.), quantity and quality requirements of operators, price and frequency of spare parts and wearing parts, cost of after-sales service engineers, use of equipment Years and depreciation rates. In today's fierce competition in the dairy market, cost-competitive advantages have emerged. Because of the convergence of marketing costs, the cost of production and manufacturing may determine the life of a company. Therefore, when sourcing equipment, it must be compared with the level of operating costs and procurement. The cost of comprehensive balance is really responsible for the development and survival of the company.

(B) "Satisfaction with after-sales service"

Because the packaging equipment is generally the final production process of the product, the failure rate, shutdown rate, and timeliness of the maintenance of the packaging equipment directly affect the market supply and reputation of the company's products, directly affecting the manufacturing costs of the products and the economic benefits of the company. When purchasing equipment at home and abroad, you must not neglect the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment. If possible, choose a good after-sales service provider (or agent). Buying equipment is a one-time expense, and after-sales service is a daily expense. Many dairy companies are most concerned about how much it costs to purchase equipment when purchasing domestic and international packaging equipment. It is rare to discuss and measure the cost of after-sales service. This is the current omission in the procurement of equipment by dairy companies.

(III) Ratio of "Functional Satisfaction"

What are the equipment functions that you most want to achieve? What are the priorities of these functions? Which vendor provides the equipment that best meets your functional requirements, that is, compare the equipment supplier's "conformity", the higher the degree of compliance, You have bought the product you want to buy. The more functions are not better, the better it is to meet the actual requirements for use. Some functions, especially some or some functions imported from abroad, may be decommissioned from the time the equipment is put into use and are not used once or only in consideration. The functional configuration of this nature can in fact be fully enhanced. The operation and management of the equipment or the improvement of the responsibilities of the operators is a “selection”, and it depends on the economic strength of the company and the safety standards of the products to decide whether or not to configure.

(IV) Ratio of "technical equipment rating"

All are plc control, the same are man-machine interface operations, but the control points and methods are very different, the operation of the equipment, safety, stability and accuracy, sensitivity will be qualitatively different, of course, the cost of equipment manufacturing And the price is different. Only comparing on the same technical equipment platform can reflect the high and low prices.

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