Nilpeter FB Series Label Printer Technology Breakthrough

At the upcoming North American Label Show, Nilpeter USA, the world's top label printing equipment supplier, will launch its new model, the FB 3300 A, which was demonstrated at Nilpeter earlier this year. Hall exhibited. It is reported that Nilpeter will exhibit two FB series presses at Labelexpo USA.

A standard FB 3300 with full UV, automatic overprint system and cold gilding functions will be on display at the Kurz US booth; another 8-color servo drive-free new FB3300 SS will be available in Nilpeter (Nilpeter) booth was exhibited, the machine includes automatic register system, the last set of UV system, 11 servo motors (1 front tension control, 8 printing units, 1 middle tension control, 1 die cutting/cutting Zhang).

It is understood that the new servo-driven equipment and the showroom exhibited completely different models. Taking 200 lines of prints as an example, both the printing quality and the overprinting accuracy are significantly higher than before; the registration error is ± 001"/.002", and the printing quality is exquisite. The previous printing range was .001"-010" (25 microns to 250 microns). At the same time, the FB3300 SS is suitable for all Stork rotary screen sizes. After the show is over, the equipment will return to Cincinnati Newport USA, where the newly designed rewinding unit will be installed.

Source: China Labeling and Labeling

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