New fruit soft can production line successfully developed

“Canned food and hard-to-open mouth” is a long-time consumer sigh about the frustration of canned foods. Today, a novel fruit soft can is completed by the Zhejiang Huangyan Canned Food Factory and related cooperation units after two years of scientific and technological development. The new technology is to put fruits in environmentally friendly composite plastic cups. The advantage is that the sealing film can be easily opened and opened, which is more convenient than eating jelly. At present, the company has independently researched and developed a production line consisting of related supporting equipment and applied for three technical patents.

Experts in the industry believe that the new technology adopts environmentally-friendly transparent plastic cups, which are intuitive, non-corrosive, non-sagging, unbreakable, high food safety, and easy to open. The products have good flavor and texture and meet the quality requirements of canned foods. . This new achievement is a major breakthrough in the adjustment of canned food packaging structure. It has a high technological content and a strong competitive advantage. It is a new bright spot for the development of the canned industry and a new growth point for the economic and social benefits of enterprises. It has a good development. prospect.

According to briefings, both tinplates and glass jars have the difficult problem of "difficult to open", which has become a bottleneck that hinders the better development of the canned industry. In order to improve the packaging structure of canned food, Zhejiang Huangyan Canned Food Factory was inspired by Japan's large-scale jelly packaging. On the one hand, it dispatched technical backbones to Japan to inspect relevant technologies, and on the other hand, it processed food processing with Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The Institute and the Citrus Research Institute and Zhejiang University worked together to solve the technical requirements and parameters for canning, degassing, sterilizing, and cooling processes for different brands of canned foods. For example, the seal film must be firmly bonded to the plastic cup and not loosen. , no water leakage, no air leakage, a certain degree of resistance to internal pressure, but also easy to open. After repeated trials, the best sealing conditions were finally satisfied. According to the quality requirements of plastic cups and sealing materials, the corresponding quality conditions were determined.

After the trial operation, the technology and equipment are in good performance, stable and reliable, and corresponding detection instruments have been added to ensure the good quality of the product. When experts from the United States, Canada, Japan, and other countries visited the factory, they fully affirmed that the representative of the international supermarket giant Wal-Mart expressed satisfaction after a visit. They immediately placed a batch of orders, so that the canned fruit can be expected to enter the global sales network. At present, the canned orange, peach, and assorted soft canned fruit produced by the Huangyan Canned Food Factory has 81 standard container exports. In order to further expand the market, the company has now successfully developed three varieties of soft canned fruit, and will further pay attention to changes in international market demand, increase development efforts, expand market space, and promote greater development of fruit soft cans.

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