Multimedia classroom improvement plan Zhuhai No. 2 Middle School creates high-standard multimedia ladder classroom

Zhuhai Second Middle School of the same age as the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone is a national model ordinary high school in Guangdong Province, an excellent school with an excellent teaching level in Guangdong Province, a first-class school in Guangdong Province, a "modern educational technology experimental school" named by the Ministry of Education, the first batch Guangdong Provincial Primary and Secondary School Mental Health Education Demonstration School, UNESCO Environmental Population and Sustainable Development (EPD) China Project Member School.

With the advancement of the new curriculum reform, the school realizes the important role of teachers in the new curriculum reform. In recent years, it has vigorously promoted the "green and blue project", not only focusing on inviting more and more experts to report to the school, but also for young teachers. A platform for seminars and observations has been provided, and the utilization rate of the ladder classroom has also been greatly increased. In order to record and save the lecture reports of experts and scholars for repeated learning, and in order to accumulate more high-quality curriculum resources, the school decided to upgrade the original ladder classroom, mainly to add a fully automatic recording and broadcasting system, It has a high-standard multimedia ladder classroom with automatic recording and webcast.

For the upgrade and improvement of the multimedia classroom, the PROPRE-6HD high-definition recording and playback system of Aoweiya Technology (hereinafter referred to as AVA) was selected. This is the world ’s first high-definition recording that supports 3 HD video inputs and 1 HD VGA signal input. Broadcasting system is also a new breakthrough and new high point in the recording and broadcasting system industry.

Multimedia classroom improvement plan Zhuhai No. 2 Middle School builds a high-standard multimedia ladder classroom

AVA HD Recording System

Wonderful perfect presentation: four-channel HD signal recording and live broadcast

PROPRE-6HD HD recording system supports 3 HD video input and 1 HD VGA signal input. The system is equipped with high-performance image processing chip, which can not only realize the collection of high-definition signal, but also realize the output of 1080 high-definition video, and the captured video is clear Delicate, can perfectly present the scene effect.

Operation is also a kind of enjoyment: full image automatic tracking and recording

After PROPRE-6HD recording and broadcasting system is matched with AVA image tracking system, it can realize fully automatic tracking shooting effect. AVA image tracking system has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, and is not affected by external environment such as light, sound, electromagnetic and so on. Because it uses image recognition technology, teachers do not need to wear any positioning device; not only can automatically identify the location of teachers and students, real-time control of the camera's precise positioning, and can automatically shoot in close-up mode. In addition, the system's intelligent analysis technology can not only effectively capture the tracked person's dynamics, but also intelligently determine the tracker's movement range and decide whether to drive the camera to rotate, push and pull to follow the shot, so that the captured picture is more stable.

Fully automatic recording and broadcasting are convenient and fast, and can be completed without staff. Thanks to AVA's powerful tracking system and scene switching system, the recorded classroom teaching videos can always be filmed around the teacher, and the students' speech can be automatically switched at the appropriate time. Screen or computer multimedia courseware screen, and can intelligently judge the distance from teachers and students, and give the lens of the distant, middle or close view. For ordinary teacher seminars, open classes for new teachers, open classes in schools, or common applications for young teachers to self-diagnose and reflect, the use of fully automatic recording and broadcasting can save people effort.

Distance is no longer a problem: perfect control of the remote guide platform

APRO's classic remote guide platform is used on PROPRE 6HD. This digital guide platform, which was born from the traditional stunt station, is even more powerful when it is plugged into the Internet. It allows managers to use any remote computer to log in to the recording system remote guide platform through the network , You can use the mouse to control the remote shooting process.

The remote guide recording method gives the audio-visual personnel more freedom and room to play. Through the remote guide platform, you can log in to the system platform through a browser and control the PTZ camera to record. Just click the mouse to control the pan / tilt camera installed in the staircase classroom up and down, left and right, and zoom back and forth. The operation of the camera is faster and more accurate. It is no exaggeration to say that the teaching videos recorded through the guidance platform are very close to the level of manual guidance.

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