Mobile automatic film wrapping machine

A moving automatic film wrapping machine comprises a moving body having a pallet for placing goods and a bracket part having a moving wheel set therebetween, and a bracket part having an engaging part with a braking unit on the other side. The joint portion is pivotally provided with an oil jack for operating the operating lever to operate the bracket portion, the hydraulic jack is provided with a rotating wheel, and the pillar is formed with a longitudinal portion and a lateral portion, and the longitudinal end portion group is placed at the joint portion of the moving body. The portion has a first power source, and the first power source is a rotation shaft for driving and setting the other end of the lateral portion to rotate; a spiral arm forms a lateral portion and a longitudinal portion, the lateral portion is fixed with the rotation shaft, and has a second power source The second power source is connected to the driven part provided by the longitudinal part by means of a transmission accessory, and the mold feeding device is fitted with a plastic mold cylinder and is fixed to the transmission part in the longitudinal part, and the upper and lower displacements are performed along with the movement of the transmission component. , To achieve the purpose of streamlining and convenient setting of the parcel operation that can be randomly moved to the required site.

Reel Seat

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