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In the company's series of single-faced corrugated paperboard production lines, Master combines advanced corrugating technology, using a crownless roll instead of the traditional pressure roll design. Crownless rollers do not damage the paper and paper. The key part of the single-faced corrugated board production line is the elimination of resonance vibration from the machine at any production speed. This is mainly due to the design features of the small bottom corrugating roller, which has been patented. Master's raw material utilization rate is very high, and can guarantee the best cardboard quality. Especially in the case of processing cardboard, ultralight cardboard, or specialty cardboard, the speed of the machine can be significantly increased.

The Master uses PBA and PBM model roller brackets to achieve quick paper change in the wet end, as well as GVR servo-control splicer to provide reliable paper-receiving. These machines are very flexible in operation and can achieve maximum production efficiency even with a small number of orders and continuous production.

The company said that the special feature of the wet wire technology is the ability to control the flatness of the paperboard, through the design of a single-faced corrugating machine, integrated control and quality settings, complete thermal control of double-sided corrugating machines and continuous high-speed operation.

The VaryPress system on double-sided corrugated cardboard production lines can produce high-quality corrugated cardboard. The automatic heat transfer system delivers pressure to the machine, providing continuous heat transfer, effective temperature control, and optimal integration. The temperature can be adjusted at any time on the entire machine in the working area.

The Agnati Wet Machine can also be highly integrated and automated with AutoTouch. AutoTouch is an innovative tile control system. All quality and productivity related parameters are monitored through touchscreen control. In addition, production parameters can be preset on the machine by automatic download.

Source: Global Corrugated Boxes

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