Lubricating oil packaging design before finalizing the terminal (2)

4, consistency of packaging design style
All kinds of products produced by the company adopt the same features such as the same pattern and similar colors on the package appearance, so that customers can easily recognize that this is the product of the same company. This packaging strategy is called a similar packaging strategy. Serialized product packaging appears in the market terminal as a group visual body, which occupies a large space. If the design strategy is unified, using the same pattern and color, it will make people have a sense of integrity, have a strong visual impact, and can remind Customers, this is the brand's series of products. The best match here is Castrol's diesel engine oil series.

This packaging style allows most companies to accept, many companies for the sake of production convenience and help customers identify corporate brands, using the same series of products using the same shape and color packaging, such as the same series using the same tank type, with the tank Colors are used to distinguish the levels, and the consistency of the background images on the bottles is applied.... The specific levels of the products are different, and they are simply distinguished by different sticker colors and descriptions. This will make the packaging serialized and integrated.

5, packaging and competitive products to form a difference
In the current packaging design of various products, large-scale plagiarism, imitation, and the use of products make the product image more and more similar, the product packaging can not be effectively differentiated from the competitors, the customer's first impression is poor, the brand packaging Loss of opportunity for innovation. In our lubricants industry, in the automotive oil market, many people will be positioned as their own packaging after some changes in the packaging of others, this design, although the trouble, but the product to the market, will often let customers misunderstand it is a certain A brand's sub-products, even look down on the company, have no level of plagiarism. Mobil's tank type allows other companies to copy "N" times. Castrol and Shell cans are often models of "false foreign devils" brands. In related industry exhibitions, at first glance, there is another one. Mobil or "Shell" came. The so-called patent application nowadays is not ideal for creative protection of packaging design. As long as there are more than seven changes, the patent law will have nothing to do with it. Therefore, packaging should be differentiated from competing products to attract customers' attention. In product packaging design, we must pay attention to the design of similar competitive products, and we must jump out of the shadow of others' designs. The style of packaging should have certain self-characteristics. To produce a visual effect that stands out from the crowd, don't let people see it. The feeling is "who is coming again." At the trade show, the “unified” packaging design with refueling nozzles has made everyone accept that there are other companies that are using similarly shaped packaging. The audience will automatically say “Is this not a uniform can?” Your product makes people's first impression misunderstand for other brands, what kind of feeling would you have? What's more, the industry's colleagues are too lazy to change. For example, Jiangsu's Long X brand packaging is exactly the same as BP's. Road X brand and Shell are indistinguishable. Guangdong's Land X card and Castrol are sisters...

6, packaging should be able to help customers identify products
Brand awareness is the premise of consumption, and it is only a rough or unclear impression in the mind of the customer. Under this impression, when the customer encounters the company or brand, it will have a sense of intimacy. This kind of familiarity will often give customers a sense of identity, shorten the time for customers to make decisions when purchasing products, and quickly make purchase decisions. It can be said that without brand recognition, it is almost impossible for customers to identify and purchase your products. Packaging helps customers identify products. At retail terminals, when a customer does not know the quality of a product, and there is no other basis for judging its quality, it often depends on the impression of the product packaging to decide whether to purchase it. Taking Castrol as an example, the “Mag” product bottle was attached to a small gecko on a piston covered with oil droplets, which illustrated the product's characteristics.

7, the product name is easy to remember
1. The brand names and logos on the packaging are clearly highlighted to facilitate customer identification.
Design eye-catching logos and brand names, and make the fonts clear. This is the key to successful packaging. The packaging of SK products is very successful. It enlarges and highlights the image of “ZIC” on the front. The impact on human vision is very strong. People see this logo. No matter where they are, the first reflection of the mind is that it is SK's products.

2. The visual communication of packaging and advertising should be the same to facilitate customer identification.
The vision of packaging and advertising is to be planned as a whole, and the visual communication of packaging and advertising should be the same so as to facilitate customer identification. Now a large number of product packaging, and the information conveyed by advertisements do not form an organic overall image, leading to a decrease in the recognition rate of customers for products, and it is even more difficult for the brand to “sit on the mark”, causing chaos, confusion and mutual interference in visual communication. The design of the "unified" product has a very good publicity portfolio. The packaging of the series of products under the red and yellow tone is integrated with their advertising images. At a glance, it is known as the brand. Some domestic brands imitate its design, only to make customers feel ridiculous.

The principle of visual unification should be applied throughout packaging and advertising, organically using the composition and deployment of shades, and strengthening the brand features so as to give greater impetus to product sales. For example, the font on the package and the headline or slogan of the advertisement are taken in the same font and color, which is easy for the customer to identify, and allows the customer to repeat the memory, enhance the recognition while enhancing the memory.

3, the packaging style to maintain a certain continuity.
Packaging should be a sign that helps customers to recognize and distinguish other products. Therefore, product packaging generally has relatively fixed materials, colors and patterns to show its uniqueness and distinguish it from other similar products. In general, customers can understand brands, manufacturers, and product specifications through their perceptions, understandings, and memories of product packaging. In the future purchase activities, the main contact with the packaging product is to identify the product. You can directly trigger the customer's purchase behavior, saving customer purchase time. The general automotive lubricants brand has maintained a very good, but the motorcycle oil product is to use the rapidly changing and updated packaging to attract customers, the brand's characteristics are not very ideal. Therefore, in the lube market, it is often through the use of automotive lubricant products to create and conquer the success of the brand, but did not hear which one is because motorcycle oil products have become famous in our field.

4. Try to use Chinese in product names, use less numbers and English Many brands often make a mistake. They think that consumers are ignorant. They use digital or English to dress themselves up as high-tech or high-end products, but forget that everyone Fear of dealing with numbers. For example, a certain brand in Qingdao and a certain brand in Foshan name products based on 550, 770, Dulxo, and other names that people can't read. The markets of these two companies before 2001 were all more than unified, and now One is steady and down, and the other is lingering. The same problem has also occurred in international brands. Look at Eif, Total, Rishi, and SK, who have not started the market, and have committed this disease, and the disease is still light.

The saddest thing is the solar lubricant, which was synonymous with city taxi oil 99 years ago. It can be slow to adjust, when Shell hits through the simple “Luluda”, “Red Heineken” and “Huang Heli”. In the market, it gave up the urban market. Now it has fallen into a third-rate brand and has not seen it in the mainstream market of the city.

8, the instructions on the package to make customers at a glance
The vast majority of customers are not buying experts, and their products are able to reflect the factors concerned with the customer's shopping choice in the most perceptible form of the customer, and whoever is most likely to obtain the customer's choice. How can packaging be used to stimulate customers' desire to buy? With the increasing popularity of self-service sales methods, retail terminal products are no longer introduced by shopping guides and salespersons, but rely on the “self-introduction” of the products on the shelves, which allows the product to speak for itself. Users in the modern stage will not be too superstitious about the recommendation of the on-site repair worker or the front-line salesperson, so that they can control their choice of lubricant products. Therefore, the product packaging, especially the new brand packaging that the user does not understand yet, passes the drawing on the package. The article vividly describes the product, attracts customers, and then realizes self sales. The package description vividly describes the product, and shows the scale, type and style of the product contained in the package, as well as the performance, features, and methods of use of the product. Through the transmission of beautiful and attractive text information on the packaging, people's interest in the product arouses people's association and makes the customer feel warm.

Therefore, it is necessary to spend some thoughts on the description of the packaging, and to express the entire characteristics of the product rather than popular words such as “excellent quality and conforming to certain standards”. This mind-struck text combination is particularly prominent in the description of new concept products. Ordinary products should also be a humanized description of the brand's own meaning and overall product positioning, making people feel welcoming and easy to accept. Of course, the description of the product is also taboo to exaggerate the function of the product. For example, the statement that “200,000 kilometers of oil does not change oil” not only does not attract customers in a specific consumer environment in China, but also causes customers to feel disgusted because such an argument is in China. Difficult to achieve, very empty.

Be sure to list the product features, suitable models, use seasons, oil change intervals, precautions and other key elements.

9, packaging should be easy to carry, use
The product packaging should be different depending on the sales method. Sometimes, there is one more handle on the package, and one more ring. This small idea gives the customer a feeling of cordiality. The "unified" packaging with refueling hoses facilitates the use of customers, making people feel that their packaging is extremely human and highly welcoming. The international brands have 1L packaged products in high-end varieties to meet the consumption habits of the high-end market.

10, packaging appearance should reflect the price and value of the agreement
Only when the product packaging shows that the price is in line with the value, the customer will have the feeling of a good purchase. Customers often use packaging materials to judge the value of a product, such as the same product. You put it in glass bottles, cans, and paper bags. The sense of value is not the same. Therefore, in the product packaging, the value brought to the customer must be fully reflected, to consider whether it is equal to the customer's psychological price, and if it is the opposite, it must be improved. Otherwise, if the product enters the terminal, it will definitely lose its competitive advantage in price. In our lubricant terminal, customers gradually have a certain fixed understanding of can packaging, for example, they believe that tin packaging products are low-grade, then in the design of a high-end product packaging should not consider the use of tin materials. There are also materials for the production of packaging cans. Imported plastics and domestically produced plastics will have differences in gloss, reflecting the distance between the grades and the widening of competing products. It must also take into consideration the shape of the packaging as well as the materials to be manufactured. Think about it.

11. The taste of the package must be consistent with the target customer's personality
Different customers have different preferences for product packaging, directly affecting their purchasing behavior. Therefore, in the aspect of product packaging design, volume, weight, color and pattern, we should strive to be consistent with the target customer's personality psychology, and achieve the coordination of packaging and products in the atmosphere. In general, most of the psychological activities for customers to purchase products are gradually unfolding. First of all, they entered the store and looked at the product, some

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