Lighten dull exfoliation preferred almond acid skin care products

Lighten dull exfoliation

Lipophilic macromolecular acid, mild effect can help the surface keratin metabolism, deep inside the pores to effectively remove blackheads, while diluting dull and bright skin. Therefore, many MMs who know the ingredients will like to use skin care products containing this ingredient. Today, the editor recommends to you several products containing almond acid. Don't miss it if you want to gently exfoliate and dilute the skin tone.

What is almond acid? Almond acid is a kind of fruit acid. It has a large molecular weight, mild nature, and is a lipophilic fruit acid. It is easy to adhere to the skin and penetrate the stratum corneum. It can help inhibit sebaceous glands, reduce oil and reduce acne. It has a good effect on the problems of acne acne and enlarged pores caused by abnormal keratin metabolism. At the same time, because almond acid can gently remove the old keratin, the skin color will look brighter, which will be beneficial to pigmentation such as acne scars.

1, DR.WU Almond Acid Renewal Essence

DR.WU's original water-based micro-emulsification technology, refreshing and highly malleable, can quickly absorb infiltration, with a mild low-sensitivity almond acid skin rejuvenation formula, plus French organic double certified magic grass extract and US patent sunflower seed extract, It can rebuild natural sebum film, deep repair and long-lasting moisturizing, comprehensively improve the keratin rough and fat, dark complexion, enlarged pores, acne acne and wrinkles, so that the skin is smooth and delicate and double.

2, clean muscle / JSKIN almond sour egg white to blackhead pores set

The mildest to blackhead pores - almond acid + egg white, almond acid permeability, can penetrate deep into the pores, dissolve the internal blackheads and whiteheads; egg white contains fibrous mucin, strong adsorption, can easily absorb blackheads; patent ingredients SEBU STOPII is a combination of five pure plant extracts. It has the effect of calming and soothing, shrinking pores and balancing oil. It instantly absorbs pores and is gentle and non-irritating.

3, flower love muscle / Hanaka frozen white rejuvenation mask almond soldiers

"Rejuvenation Brightening White × Soothing Moisturizing × Smoothing and Firming Charges Care for the nude whitening skin mask mask almonds, fully applied to the sky, strong freezing of the original white, moisturizing before makeup, after makeup maintenance, double effect plus tender and grateful Li, girls and boys fell in love at first sight, close to aerobic good color, dark and dry muscles, a reverse reversal! Almond acid mild whitening, allantoin soothes dry skin, collagen soft and firm skin, HANAKA whitening skin The mask almond soldier effectively removes the rough old skin, and the essence water film moisturizes the muscle bottom. The nude effect is perfect and can't be picky, and the long-term use blooms attractive girl muscle.

4, flower love muscle / Hanaka almond acid rejuvenation whitening exfoliating foot film

HANAKA Almond Acid Rejuvenation Foot Mask solves four common problems at once, exfoliating, whitening, moisturizing, soothing, gentle ingredients, soft heel soles and old dead skin cells, sock-type foot film wear and tear is convenient, no need to laborious and smashing and scratching The skin of the feet, moisturizing and soothing ingredients strengthen the repair, making the skin soft and smooth.

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