Komori SYSTEM series

Komori SYSTEM series

Komori officially began promoting commercial rotary presses to China in 2004. Its main models are the SYSTEM 38 series with 16-page A dimensions and the SYSTEM 35 series with 16-page B dimensions. Major print magazines, catalogues, pictures, textbooks, flyers, etc.

"SYSTEM 38S" can provide a high level of print quality with a single cylinder press. The job preparation time does not exceed 7 minutes (the highest level in the world) and the maximum printing speed can reach 800rpm. In addition, eight plates can be replaced in less than two minutes using Full-APC. Can be equipped with KHS-AI system, which is based on KOMORI's unique KHS system. It further improves the performance of “registration, color grading, folding in one step”, and adds self-learning based on customer data. Integrated management system. In addition, in order to provide high added value, there are various types of folding machines with excellent performance and unique style. All specifications of the equipment, including the available folding specifications, are extremely stringent and help to greatly improve the business environment of the company.

These models use the most advanced technology, especially the advanced KHS-AI system, reducing the paper scrap rate. In Japan and European and American markets, there are many types of short-run jobs for many types and small batches. How to reduce preparation time, start equipment quickly, and save paper for damages are of concern. The KHS-AI system developed by Komori can solve the above problems. Although there are still a large number of high-volume jobs in China, the short-run jobs for many varieties and small batches will also gradually increase. Therefore, the power of KHS-AI will also be more and more exerted.

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Discovery Series Strength Machine

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