Jixiang Floor Price Warm Tips: Precautions for Floor Installation

The concept of healthy and comfortable life has become the goal of people's pursuit, and environmentally friendly and natural living space has become a necessary condition for home environment. When buying flooring in home decoration, in addition to looking at the appearance and color of the floor, we should also check the environmental protection test results of the floor, the quality of the floor and after-sales issues. Generally speaking, the flooring of big brands always reassures people. For a long time, Jixiang Wood Industry respects the concept of natural and healthy life. In the high-quality human settlement business, Jixiang Wood Industry has undoubtedly reached the forefront of the flooring industry. Next, we will introduce you to an old brand in the flooring industry-Jixiang flooring, how about Jixiang flooring, how much is the price of Jixiang flooring, let's take a look!

Jixiang Floor Introduction

Jixiang Wood was established in 1993. Compared with other floor brands of the same period, he is a model of IFC investment in mainland China. The investment amount of 150 million US dollars solved the problem of Jixiang Wood ’s capital operation Ji Xiangmu, a colleague who makes flooring, also produces high-density fiberboard, decorative boards, laminate flooring and other products. It currently occupies a majority of the high-end thin-sheet market. At the same time, it also has good development in the furniture, packaging and decorative building materials industries.

How about Jixiang floor

In 1993, the international Jixiang Artificial Forest Products Group officially cooperated with the mainland to create a 550,000 afforestation deep processing production line in cooperation with 760000 forest farmers.

In 1996, at the beginning of its establishment, Jixiang had five bases for five artificial forest deep processing production lines.

From 1999 to 2006, it has passed the ISO9002 certification, ISO14001, China Quality Supervision and Inspection-free product certification, selected components and products for the National Kangju Demonstration Project, product quality inspection-free certificate, environmental label product certification manufacturer, occupational health and safety management system certification certificate .

2010-2012: Won the "China Well-known Trademark" enterprise, in addition to the successful development of the Leshan factory flame retardant board, FSC-FM certification, Guangdong Cleaner Production Enterprise and other honors.

Jixiang Flooring has five production bases in China, namely Leshan, Hubei, Shenzhen, Huizhou and Heyuan. The marketing headquarters is located in Shanghai, with sales branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other large cities.

Jixiang Flooring launched the integrated process concept, adopted 53 integrated floor production processes, established a UFC rubber compounding plant and a full-scale monitoring workshop, and introduced a full set of world-class production equipment and a fully automated control system to solve the excessive formaldehyde requirements of laminate flooring problem.

Jixiang flooring brand history

Brand origin

In 1993, Mr. Mo Ruoyu, a well-known Singapore forestry industry leader, and Mr. Shi Binzhe, former president of the Asia-Pacific region of the World Bank, jointly initiated the establishment of Jixiang Wood in China. This is China's earliest investment and construction of factories, the largest and most powerful foreign enterprise flooring company, and also the largest manufacturer and seller of medium and high density fiberboard and particleboard in Asia.

Brand History

So far, International Jixiang Flooring has been in the Chinese market for 22 years, and Jinxiang Group, the general agent of Jixiang Flooring in Yunnan, has also gone through 32 years. Through the successful implementation of Jincai Group, currently, there are more than 600,000 loyal consumers who love Jixiang flooring and a large number of powerful distributors in Yunnan. Jincai Group Jixiang flooring has established a stable and smooth sales channel in Yunnan province. It is the enterprise with the widest sales network channel coverage in the home furnishing market in Yunnan. Today, there are 177 specialty stores in 129 counties and cities in the province, with sales accounting for half of the floor market in Yunnan.

Brand story

After nearly 20 years of development, Yunnan's floor brand has faded from more than 800 at the beginning to more than 300 at present. Jincai Group Jixiang Floor is undoubtedly the master of the rivers and lakes. The success of Jincai Group's Jixiang Flooring in Yunnan is inseparable from one person. He is the president of Jincai Group's Jixiang Flooring-Zhao Jincai. In 2006, under the premise of no leader in the industry, Zhao Jincai led the establishment of the "Yunnan Floor Chamber of Commerce" and took the lead in co-drafting the industry installation service standard with 10 floor companies. The whole country has been respected and appreciated. For the healthy development of the industry, to quickly deal with disputes between dealers and consumers, he established a flooring industry arbitration committee on this basis, which won a good reputation in the hearts of consumers. In 2009, in order to regulate the development of the industry, Zhao Jincai proceeded from his own initiative and was the first in the country to promote the service model of “install before payment, whoever sells the floor and install”, which was unanimously respected by the industry.

Precautions for floor installation

Choose the right time to lay the floor

1. Select the time and environment for paving: the floor itself is made of natural wood, and the requirements for environmental temperature and humidity are relatively high. Generally, the temperature of the floor covering is between 16 ℃ and 30 ℃, which can keep the wood floor in the best state of nature. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn seasons are more suitable than summer and winter seasons. In the 24 hours a day, try to avoid construction at noon and evening, preferably after 2 pm.

2. Reasonable arrangement of decoration construction: the process of floor paving should be carried out after all basic decoration construction is completed to avoid damage to the laid floor during other constructions. Especially after the construction of paint and tiling is completed, the site can be laid only after good construction site hygiene. If you need to apply wall paint to the space where you put the floor, you can also reserve the last paint when you paint the wall. After the floor is finished, apply the final wall paint. And finally install the anchor line of the floor.

The floor is protected against moisture

1. Moisture-proof treatment of materials: Floor materials should be stored at room temperature for two days before paving. In order to better prevent moisture, the floor should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, and protected with plastic film. Floors that are already wet are more likely to be moldy, and their service life will be greatly shortened. They cannot be dried and reused. The purchased floor must be treated with moisture before laying. Apply a layer of moisture-proof protective paint on the reverse side of the floor to prevent the dampness of the paved floor from affecting the floor and causing the floor to swell.

2. Ground treatment before paving: ensure that the ground and floor are clean before installation. If necessary, before laying, apply a thin layer of cement slurry to remove stains on the floor, and then apply the paste after the cement is dry. In order to ensure the moisture-proof effect, the ground must be waterproofed and damp-proofed again, especially in the space near the kitchen and bathroom.

Precautions for floor installation

Good technology for floor paving

1. Pay attention to the damp-proof floor mats: If the ground environment is relatively wet, in addition to waterproofing, it should also be treated with waterproof materials such as pearl cotton or aluminum film to ensure the ground is dry before applying glue The paving of the floor. When laying the floor mat, pay attention to that the floor mat must be flat and there must be no empty drums; and the floor mat must be firmly pasted between the ground and the ground. Never stick glue around the floor mat. Features.

2. Pay attention to the paving method: shrink joints should be reserved when installing the floor, except for floor expansion joints of about 1cm between the floor and the wall. The gap between the floors should also be reserved, generally no more than 1mm, when laying a higher density floor, each piece should have a gap of 0.4mm to prevent arch deformation in the future.

3. It is necessary to paint after paving: the floor paint has a good protective effect on the floor.

4. Don't forget to clean and maintain afterwards

It is necessary to protect after construction: the paved floor must be covered with paper to prevent foreign objects or paint from falling onto the floor during decoration and construction. Within 48 hours after the floor is finished (usually this period becomes the health period of the floor), avoid frequent walking and placing heavy objects on the floor, this will allow sufficient time for the floor glue to stick firmly, and let the floor dry naturally . Only in this way can the floor be laid out be natural and durable. Do not rush to open windows for ventilation or air-conditioning after the floor is paved. This will not only not speed up the drying of the glue, but also make the floor dry and fragile. Therefore, the floor must be allowed to adapt to the indoor temperature and humidity for a period of time.

Jixiang floor price

Note: The above price information is for reference only.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about the price and warm tips of Jixiang floor: floor installation notes are introduced here for everyone, I hope this article will help you. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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