Japanese PET bottle high recovery rate forms a virtuous cycle of environmental protection

According to the "Announcement of 2003 PET Bottle Recycling Report" recently released by the Japan PET Bottle Recycling Promotion Association, the PET recycling rate in Japan exceeded half in 2002, and the recycling rate reached 53.4%, ranking the highest in the world. .

In Japan, PET bottles have been used for the packaging of soy sauce since 1977. They have been used in the cool drink industry since 1983 and used in liquor in 1985. With the widening of the application of PET bottles, the use of such bottles has rapidly increased. In 2002, the production volume of PET bottles reached 413,000 tons. In order to protect the environment, save resources, and promote sustainable development, in 1995, Japan formulated the “Container Packaging Recycling Law.” In recent years, the Waste Recycling Law was introduced. The establishment and implementation of these regulations effectively promoted the recycling of PET bottles. And recycling. According to reports, in 2002, the recycling rate of Japanese PET bottles in urban areas, streets, and villages was 45.6%. Combined with the recovery of supermarkets, convenience points, railways, and other systems, the total recycling rate reached 53.4%. In the process of promoting the recycling of wastes, Japan has continued to increase the recycling rate of PET bottles year after year, and has achieved remarkable results, which has attracted many attention.

In this context, in late November last year, the Teijin Group's "bottletobottle" (from the recycling of old PET bottles to the production of new PET bottles) started the production system, and this technological innovation will open up the recycling of PET bottles. The new situation that has been utilized has further boosted the recycling rate of PET bottles. This production system comminutes and cleans used PET bottles, converts them into recycled PET resin through a series of chemical processes, and then uses the recycled PET resin to produce qualified PET bottles. The "bottletobottle" production process. This kind of recycled bottle can be recycled and used repeatedly. At present, this kind of "bottletobottle" production system has aroused people's attention. According to reports, Teijin Group has the capability to recycle 6,200 tons (equivalent to about 2 billion PET bottles of 500 milliliters in production) and 50,000 tons of resin for recycling PET bottles, from the recycling of recycled bottles to the production of new bottle products. , It takes about 3 days to complete this process. In terms of investment in facilities, the total investment in the construction of the system, including supporting facilities, will be approximately 10 billion yen.

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