Impact of test data accuracy on salt spray test equipment

Salt spray corrosion test is an emerging technology that emerged in the 1920s with the development of anti-corrosion technology. Its main purpose is to use salt spray test equipment to simulate and evaluate the corrosion of products under salt spray corrosive environment, and provide scientific basis for improving the anti-corrosion ability of products. With the strengthening of product technology supervision in China, more and more enterprise quality inspection departments and technical supervision agencies have carried out salt spray test work on salt spray test chambers to assess the quality of salt spray corrosion resistance of products. Salt spray test as a test method to assess the quality of salt spray corrosion resistance of products, whether the correct data can be obtained through experiments is the key to whether the salt spray test can achieve the expected results. If the data obtained by the salt spray test is inaccurate, it will not only make the test meaningless, but also cause misjudgment of the salt spray anti-corrosion performance of the product, causing unnecessary losses to the production enterprises and users.

The salt spray test equipment produced by Beijing Yashilin can not only meet the neutral salt spray test, but also its biggest highlight is that it can also be compatible with the acetate spray test and the copper accelerated acetate spray test, which can reach the normal temperature + in the test space. Any temperature point between 5 ° C and 55 ° C and kept constant. The material or product is subjected to a salt spray corrosion test in a tank of a prescribed volume with a constant temperature and relative humidity.



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