Hundred dollar solid wood coat rack is not a healthy life

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] is getting closer and closer to the New Year, and it will be a time for family and friends to gather together. However, many people get together. Those coats, bags, and hats that are taken off will inevitably make the living room appear messy and crowded. If you are a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you will definitely not look down. At this time, you need a coat rack. The solid wood coat rack of about 100 yuan is healthy and environmentally friendly while highlighting personal taste.

Solid wood coat rack

Colorful color solid wood bold floor coat rack

Reference price: 99.00 yuan / piece

Product Description : Yi Cai Nianhua this solid wood coat rack is high-grade, simple but not simple; humanized design, elegant and fresh, simple structure, reasonable storage, perfect combination of fashion and life; fresh and natural wood color, clear wooden texture, display The texture of the material itself and the rich natural beauty, the texture of the material itself and the rich natural beauty make nature feel at your fingertips, and you can feel the beauty of the wood at home.

Cloakroom storage

Schotts (SHTS) solid wood elegant hanger

Reference price: 129.00 yuan / piece

Product Description : This coat rack petal graphic design is noble and elegant without losing its connotation; the gourd shape top, six relatively large hooks, stronger and more durable. Double-hook design, children can also hang their own clothes. The triangular support legs are more stable and the advanced dust plug prevents insects from climbing in.

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