Huang Meitian floor installation four steps

1. The floor should not be too humid, it is better to choose oily and stable.

2. After unpacking, it is generally placed for 12-24 hours, so that the dry humidity of the floor is automatically adjusted. The yellow plum can be shorter, and then the primer is sealed twice.

3. After all the wall coatings and wood products have been completed, the floor can be laid immediately, the time in the exposed air can be reduced, and the waterproof coating is finally applied on the floor.

4. After the floor is laid, the paint is timely and the paint class is waxed in time to make the dry humidity stable.

Walnut Wood Furniture are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. From traditional dining sets with curvaceous lines and cabriole legs to modern dressers with straight lines and sharp angles, walnut is a versatile wood that suits almost any decor. The natural qualities found in this wood -- aesthetic appeal, strength, durability -- make walnut furniture an enduring favorite. It's prized by woodworkers for its strength, grain and color. It polishes to a very smooth finish, and the color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate in the heartwood. 

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