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1. Look at the LOGO: The LOGO for Jackets and Sweatshirts is clearly marked and marked as Made in Thailand. Many fake LOGOs are fuzzy and do not indicate the origin. The authentic left shoulder has LOGO of titanium series and LOGO of OMNI-TECH fabric. Right chest with a LOGO of Columbia.

2, look at the fabric: the authentic use of OMNI-TECH fabrics can be tested under the tap for a long time, this paragraph omni-tech fabrics allow the taps will not enter the water. The fake water enters the water for a long time, and the glue is narrow and thin. The real piece of glue is one centimeter wide and it will not enter the water even in heavy rain.

3, look at the zipper: authentic zipper are YKK waterproof zipper, adjustable design. Fake use more unbranded zippers. No LOGO

4, look at place of origin: Asia Asia in Colombia, all exported to Asia from the Columbia factory, orders from Europe and the United States, Asia has 1 to 2 manufacturers are authorized to produce columbia sold abroad, but do not allow domestic sales. There is no authorized factory in China, and the only domestic distributor is in Hong Kong.

5, see the tag: all labels have the number, size, fabric, origin, washing methods. It is indicated on the tag on the inner package. There are 3 to 4 hangtags for genuine products, and there are only 1 hangtags for fakes, and the printing is rough.

6, see the price: authentic brand-name goods is a cost, the foreign price of the columbia is from 800 yuan to 3500 yuan. I took a look, those below 350 were mostly fakes.

Titanium series Related data

Series: Titanium series, (columbia's highest series)

Fabric: omni Ì„tech fabric, (Columbia's exclusive waterproof breathable fabric)

Structure: DWR waterproof fabric + TECH tarpaulin + breathable layer

Breathable: 4000 ~ 1300gm/┫/24br (1600gm/┫/24rs ~ human sweat)

Waterproof: 6000 mm ~ 25000 mm (storm level)

Accessories: YKK zipper

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