How much is the price of bathroom wall tiles

Netizen Zhong Yi: The current price of bathroom wall tiles is generally 250 * 400mm1.2 / piece, 300 * 450mm3.6 yuan / piece, 200 * 300mm0.65 yuan / piece, 250 * 330mm1 yuan / piece. If your bathroom is relatively small, you can choose a lighter color for the bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles, so that it will look larger, the floor tiles should choose a smaller size non-slip brick, the price is about 300 * 300mm1.5 yuan / sheet.

Netizens' small love: Bathroom wall tiles generally use 300 * 450, mainly for paving methods and collocations. If they are added with waist lines or flowers, the collocations are good and the effect is very good! If you want to be personalized, you can also use 100 * 100 small bricks.

Netizen hjdfdy: There are many types of ceramic tiles on the market today, with different brands and different quality and price points:

Bathroom wall tiles 250 * 330: about 72 yuan / square

Bathroom wall tiles 300 * 450: about 70 yuan / square

Bathroom wall tiles 300 * 450: about 50 yuan / square

Bathroom wall tiles 250 * 330: about 36 yuan / square

Bathroom floor tiles 300 * 300: about 64 yuan / square

Bathroom floor tiles 330 * 330: around 53 yuan / square

for reference only

Netizen bubble: My house renovates 4 or 5 pieces of 300 * 300 wall tiles and 7 or 8 pieces of wall tiles in the bathroom, which is also very good-looking. But this is the price of 3 years ago, it should be similar. In addition, if you want to decal bricks, it is a separate calculation, there are about 10 pieces, there are hundreds of pieces, depending on what type you like.

Netizen Tiantian: The size of general bathroom wall tiles is based on personal preference and bathroom size. There is no fixed size standard. The general floor tile specifications are 200 * 300mm, 250 * 330mm, 300 * 450mm, 300 * 600mm, The larger bathroom can use 300 * 450mm or 300 * 600mm, and the general bathroom is 300 * 300mm.

Netizen Genhe: The price of bathroom wall tiles is generally a few yuan to tens of yuan a piece, because the decoration of the bathroom wall tiles are not as high as the floor tiles, so generally buy about 20 yuan per piece. The floor tiles can be bought better.

Netizen Gull Bird: The price of bathroom wall tiles depends on which brand you choose and what specifications you have.

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