How do muscle men dress?

In foreign countries try not to wear tight, because the tight body is infinitely considered to be gay, like nikepro in life, sleeveless, half-sleeved, long-sleeved have, as underwear and bottoming shirt to wear, buy one size larger than the normal size.


From a physical point of view, the most beautiful Xiaobian thinks that it is the size of a gymnast, but the gymnast is short, huh, huh; the big guy wears a suit the most ugly, because the trapezius and the shoulder developed, the stronger weightlifter or the powerlifter When wearing a suit, it is absolutely wonderful.


Muscle man, slightly elastic T-shirt, half-sleeved, all kinds of T-shirts can be, jeans casual pants, a pair of occasions suitable shoes. If the body size is good, there are big heads and there is no need for tight clothing, you can wear a tight effect, should not wear personal money, otherwise out of the street with the general. However, it is also necessary to separate the conditions. If three or five of the same size are worn tightly in the street, it is the scenery.


Men's words, all kinds of slim underwear and shoes can be, because it is more aesthetic, so if not too exaggerated, can wear great results. Men can wear the effect of formal wear to the sky, which is difficult for muscle men to achieve, muscle men want to order ...


No matter men or men, they are people. Clothes should not only emphasize their body type, but also remember proper, appropriate colors, proper colors, and proper fabrics. Imagine a man with a wide shoulder, a thin waist, and a fit body. He is wearing a leopard eye-catching tights and walking on the street instead of the T stage. Will you say this person is normal?


To wear out the effect, there is a lot to do with personal aesthetics, is the above few words, colors, styles, fabrics. To figure out the effect, we mainly remember: the top is concerned with the arms and shoulders; the pants are concerned with the visual perception of the fabric, the buttocks and the leg circumference; as the upper body and the lower body are separated, the role of the belt is the finishing touch, and finally, there must be a pair of clothes and pants on the feet. With shoes! ! !

Look at the following muscle men



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