Give clothes a beautiful "home" four stylish simple cloakroom recommended

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] home improvement design cloakroom, has become the mainstream in recent years. According to different room types, different living areas, and personal preferences, the cloakrooms are designed with different styles. Today, Xiaobian recommends several simple and stylish cloakrooms to see what kind of home environment is suitable for these four cloakrooms.

Recommend one:

Stylish minimalist cloakroom

Xiao Bian Comments: The use of fully transparent glass to create a single aristocratic cloakroom, the design of the hidden lights under the cabinet, make the space look brighter, easy to find the required clothes, the design of the laminate to solve the problem of storage difficulties in the oblique roof shape, greatly Increased space utilization.

Recommendation 2:

Cloakroom design

Xiao Bian Comments: The sleeping area is perfectly separated from the cloakroom and the work area. The transparent wardrobe makes the whole space look more fashionable. The closet and the bookcase are connected by a large pillar in the middle. The two sides do not affect each other and are convenient to use. The 1m5 storage bed and storage backrest in the sleeping area greatly enhance the storage function of the bedroom.

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