Five Korean men's skin care products recommended

Going out, there are always some gifts for friends and relatives, especially in South Korea, where there are countless long grass skin care products, and their own, girlfriends, and then send a set of high-end gift boxes to send their mothers. When you come back from the crazy shopping, you find that the money is used up, but the gifts of the male compatriots around you have not been bought. Although you don't want to be friends or change back to a single dog, since you are coming, it is better to buy some skin care products and send them. Today, 360 Cosmetics Network Xiaobian brings you five super-friendly Korean men's skin care products, let's take a look!
Korean Men's Skin Care Men's Skin Care Recommended Lange Men's Soothing Moisturizer
Super easy to use Korean men's skin care products recommended:
1 Yue poetry wind forest men's multi-effect skin care water
The so-called bottle is in hand, I have it in the world, it may be this skin care water. After washing your face, you only need to apply this bottle to moisturize and soothe all-round care. You don't need water, milk or essence to take turns, and it is best for male compatriots who are afraid of trouble. In addition, this pleasing skin care lotion is rich in natural essences such as pine and cypress. It is refreshing and non-greasy, and is also suitable for men who love acne and oily skin. You must know that after a hard day, you become a hard-boned face with its care, just like the comfort of being in nature.
Reference price: 200ml/25000 won
2UL·OS Men's Face/Body Multi-Action Moisturizing Lotion
Recently, a super-fired men's body lotion contains milk ingredients, moisturizing and moisturizing. It is very powerful and suitable for dry seasons. The most important thing is that this body lotion is very refreshing and has no sticky feeling. Even oily skin can be used with confidence.
Reference price: 200ml/29700 won
3 Lange Men's Shurun ​​Moisturizer
Walking on the road, I often see many men's faces as dry as the Sahara. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the air that is already dry, plus the lack of timely care, the skin will even lose white debris. At this time, you must use this Langzhi soothing moisturizing cream, which contains active ingredients, will form a protective film on the skin surface, lock the moisture, lasting moisturizing, rejuvenate your skin.
Reference price: 50ml / 35000 won
4 mystery still active exfoliating deep cleanser
For boys, exfoliation is a rather strange concept, but for the sake of skin health, regular exfoliation is necessary. The mystery of this men's facial cleanser is specially designed for exfoliation. It is also rich in active ingredients. It can also protect the skin while deep cleaning. After use, it is a hero. In addition, the all-black packaging design will surely capture the hearts of men.
Reference price: 150ml / 11000 yuan
5 Yue Shi style forest men's multi-effect wet wipes
Lazy, may be a common problem for humans, but for girls, there is something absolutely impossible to lazy, that is, remove makeup. Compared with the girl's obsession with the makeup remover, the boy does not seem to care. It is definitely more than one or two times when the BB is sleeping at night and sleeping. Therefore, every boy should have this wet wipe, designed for makeup remover, the cleaning effect is very good, and the ingredients are naturally non-irritating, and the effect of soothing the skin.
Reference price: 15 sheets / 3000 won
Well, after introducing so many Korean men's skin care products, is there a feeling of suddenness and openness? Going to Korea this time, don't forget to buy these must-have items for uncle uncles, daddy men's tickets, and your boyfriends.

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