Family storage essential weapon personality creative wooden coat rack

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] coat rack can be stored and decorated, the price is not expensive and there are many styles. Halls, bedrooms, entrances can be equipped with a coat rack, coat rack material is more, said that environmental protection is practical or wood best, wrought iron is permanent and difficult to keep rusty, if there are such extra wood strips at home, Can do it by hand.

Wooden coat rack

Antler coat rack: forest, pastoral

Design highlights : the antler-like coat rack, in the strict sense, should be called a coat hook. At the time of design, the designer saved the standing bracket structure and fixed the coat rack directly on the wall surface, which became a kind of wall decoration, showing the atmosphere of the forest and the storage of the coat. Features.

Coat rack storage

Branch coat rack: retro, nostalgic

Design highlights : This coat rack comes from the original furniture brand Muzhi Workshop. It is inspired by the branches of the tree and is very clever in its structural design. According to reports, the research of such structural designers has been carried out several times before and after the revision, so do not look at its simple and concise shape, it is because of strong internal support.

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Elevator Oil Buffer

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Elevator Oil Buffer, Hydraulic Elevator Oil Buffer

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