Eye massage steps recommend six eye creams

A good eye cream should be combined with the best massage techniques to do your homework. There are massages for the acupuncture points every morning and evening. This small step can help you to remove various obstacles!

Eye massage steps:

Step1: Gently stretch the small lines on the eyes. After applying the eye cream, massage the upper and lower eyelids from the inside to the outside. Use the ring finger to gently stretch the small lines and repeat 2 times.

Step2: Press the acupuncture point around the eye, use the middle finger and index finger to gently press from the brow to the end of the eyebrow, and press the lower eyelid through the temple.

Shiseido Yuewei Pure Wrinkle Eye Mask

Eye Massage Steps Recommend six eye creams

Sealed treatment helps speed up the penetration of *Retinol into the skin. After 4 weeks of use, the skin texture improved and the deep wrinkles faded.

The eye mask is formulated with natural ingredients suitable for the eye area to moisturize the skin, soothe the dryness of the eye area, and help the skin to restore firmness and volume. Contains Collagen Firming Mask - a complex that combines deep sea collagen and hyaluronic acid to protect and repair.

Sensitivity testing by dermatologists (not all people will not be sensitive).

Use it every morning and evening after cleansing, strengthening skin and applying moisturizer.

Use 2-3 times a week (about every other day).

Open the bag, remove the plastic box, and uncover the lid.

Take one eye mask at a time and apply it to your eyes. Evenly apply the eye mask to the skin and remove the air between the eye mask and the skin. (The wider end of the eye mask should be applied to the end of the eye, and the eye mask is not divided into positive or negative)

Apply for about 10-15 minutes, and remove the eye mask after it is completely dry.

It can also be applied to the skin around the lips.

*Pure vitamin A (Retinol)

To avoid the damage of pure vitamin A (Retinol) during the daytime use, apply sunscreen or apply a foundation with SPF sunscreen after applying eye mask.

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