Experts teach you how to care for the lips?

Dry and peeling lips seriously affect the beauty of women, so how to care for the lips can prevent and solve the problem of lip peeling? Today, Xiaobian introduces lip care tips to help you fully care for your lips. Get rid of the troubles of drying.
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How to care for the lips:
1. Wipe your lips after eating
After eating, you must first wipe the oil on your lips with a paper towel, then apply lip gloss or lipstick to help protect your lips.
2, lipstick shelf life
Like many skin care products, lipsticks also have a shelf life. Lipsticks that exceed the shelf life will not give us the ideal maintenance effect on the lips, and even worsen the skin condition of the lips. In addition, the preservation of lipstick can not be too casual. We should keep the lipstick in a cool place and try to avoid the lipstick being exposed to direct sunlight.
3, try to apply less lipstick
Do not apply lipstick frequently. Paraffin and pigment in lipstick can easily cause loss of moisture in the lips. Dyes in lipstick can cause allergic reactions.
4, drink plenty of water to replenish moisture
To develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink water, you can also take some vitamins under the guidance of a doctor to improve the dull color of the lips.
5, eat more fruits to supplement vitamins
Many skin problems are closely related to our body, and the condition of dry and cracked lips is often related to the lack of adequate nutrients in the body. Therefore, in order to fully maintain the lips, we should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body with enough vitamins. This method is very simple, you can try it!
6, do not lick your lips away from fried spicy
Eat less irritating foods such as fried and spicy, and correct bad habits such as licking your lips and biting your lips.
7, do a good lip sunscreen
Try to avoid external stimuli such as wind and sun, you can take a mask to protect; sprinkler, use a humidifier and other methods can improve indoor air humidity.
How do you care for the lips, have you learned?

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