Electrochemical aluminum transfer

Gorgeous and beautiful, bright aluminum color hot stamping through the hot stamping machine, on the substrate, its beautiful color has won wide appreciation. However, sometimes the bronzing machine will also encounter products that are not suitable for mechanical bronzing. However, the customers are stubbornly not using screen printing gold. In the dilemma, the unique screen printing plate transfer galvanized aluminum shows its superiority. Hot stamping machine is mainly based on the temperature and pressure of the electro-aluminum stamping, and the screen-printed electro-aluminum is dependent on the role of the adhesive. The reason why adhesives can transfer anodized aluminum is because the outermost layer of anodized aluminum consists of a glue layer.

In the electro-aluminum transfer printing operation, the printed text must first be made into a screen plate, and the graphic requirements on the plate are clear. Then use a silk screen plate to print a layer of adhesive on the substrate, and then put the aluminum foil on it, and then use cotton or sponge to lightly press in the graphic area, wait until dry, tear off the anodized aluminum (strongly sticky Dry, tear faster.) A clear and bright picture of the Aluminium has appeared on the adhesive.

Adhesive formulation is the key to transfer. The formulation shall be formulated as appropriate according to the nature of the printed material, the nature of the anodized aluminum layer, and the suitability of the screen plate. The formulation's viscosity and concentration should be properly formulated. For example, in the case of transfer cloths and polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene plastic products and wood products, the adhesive formulation is:

Perchloroethylene resin 100g

Xylene 50ml

Cyclohexanone 350ml

Perchloroethylene resins can also be used instead of or in combination with polyvinyl chloride resins. PVC resin with low molecular weight. When transclamming plastic products, xylene can be replaced with acetone in the above adhesive formulation. When transferring plexiglass products, some chloroform may be added. When transferring metals, ceramics, and glass products, the adhesive formulation is: 100% epoxy resin. (Ortho) dibutyl benzoate 3% to 5%, ethylenediamine 12% to 15% (concentration too high can add thinner).

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