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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, all walks of life are developing rapidly, and people's lives have become more busy and fulfilling. In addition to going to work, weekends also need to go out to communicate. Therefore, the frequency of their shopping has become more, and it seems that it is too wasteful to eliminate old clothes. They face the most headaches and the most time-consuming problems. Is the wardrobe not enough? The wardrobe now has certain functions, but it may not be suitable for you. The wall-mounted wardrobe is hidden in the wall, and the internal structure can be designed according to personal preference. It is a good choice for people who shop frequently.

In-wall wardrobe design

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Customized storage in the wall at a glance

The reason why the wall-mounted overall wardrobe has such a market is not only because it is fashionable, beautiful, and practical, but also because it can effectively expand the living space. In modern homes, designers will create embedded wall-mounted wardrobes according to the height and width of different wall surfaces. Not only can they be cut into hanging clothes spaces, space can be placed, and the top space can be fully utilized to make a large amount of clothes. Storage in this limited space is clear at a glance.

Personalized fashion with whatever you want

In addition to the rational design of the internal structure, the appearance of the wall-mounted wardrobe can also be tailor-made to achieve the perfect effect of mixing with the room. For example, cabinets and drawers are available in a variety of colors, and even materials of the same color and texture as the floor can be used. The front and back sides of the door panel can be selected in different colors. After one and a half years of loading, the other side of the color can be transferred. You can enjoy the fresh feeling after renovation without spending any more money. You can also use the glass and slats on the door panel. Fully meet the individual needs of different consumers.

In-wall wardrobe storage

Free combination close to life needs

The wall-mounted wardrobe cabinet is generally a variety of cabinets. The owner can select a number of cabinets for free combination according to the size of the indoor space and personal preference. In addition to the layers can be adjusted up and down at will, you can also add drawers according to your needs.

In addition, the cabinet function can also be upgraded at will, fitting mirrors, lattice racks, etc., many of the wall-mounted wardrobes are also equipped with elastic stretch pants racks, which can be neatly hung with more than a dozen pants, no wrinkles, And easy to take. Therefore, it is not only easy to arrange clothes for different seasons, but even towels, socks and ties can be used.

There are too many advantages in the wall-mounted wardrobe. No matter the size of the space, it may not be suitable for everyone to "catch" it. Try to choose according to your actual situation.

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