Discussion on proper packing of carton industry

The flow of goods from production to the user's hands, in the middle there are two essential links, one is transport storage, one is to display sales. Because these two links have different requirements for the function of packaging, the industry will divide the product packaging into transportation packaging and sales packaging. The national standard "General Terms of Packaging" is defined as: Transport packaging - packaging with the main purpose of transportation and storage. It has the functions of ensuring the safety of products, facilitating storage and transportation, speeding the handover, and inspecting. Sales packaging - the main purpose of sales, together with the contents to reach the hands of consumers in the packaging, it has to protect the product and beautify, promote products, and promote sales.

However, in real life, there are a considerable number of packages that appear to have the dual functions of transport and sales packaging. However, after careful study, their main role is still in transport packaging. For example, corrugated carton packs such as refrigerators, washing machines, color TVs, air conditioners, and motorcycles in large black-and-white household appliances, although they also have to reach consumers with the contents, are still transported during the arrival process. The role of packaging, its sales function, namely "beautification, propaganda products" role, can be almost ignored. Look at the facts: At the sales site, this type of product is placed on a display stand and does not require packaging. In other words, when users purchase such products, they mainly look at the actual products, verify their brand, quality, technical performance and price, and after-sales service, and they will never decide whether or not to choose a product based on whether the printing of the product packaging is exquisite. When the user picks a good object to be transported home, the carton packaging also assumes the role of transport packaging. Once the actual material is in place, regardless of its value, whether it is beautiful or not, carton packaging has become a waste. In other words, when users use and store the product, they are completely exclusive of the original packaging. The author tentatively named this phenomenon "the non-packaging effect of sales and use." And think, this is the typical characteristic of the transport package that distinguishes it from the sales package. This concept corresponds to the “packaging effect of sales”. It can be seen that the carton packaging of the above products is still essentially a transport package. This shows that in corrugated carton packaging, not only is there a complete transport package, but even in cartons that appear to have dual packaging functions, there are many transport packages. For such a large number of transport packages, the author has to question it. The trend of sales.

In recent years, articles advocating the sale of transport packages have appeared in newspapers and periodicals from time to time, and they have become increasingly popular. The so-called carton transport packaging sales, the most prominent trend is currently concentrated in the selection of high-grade materials and infinitely beautiful printing, especially the latter. Some people even directly put forward the idea of ​​"replacement of transport packaging with commodity packaging." When the industry emphasizes the shelving effect of sales packaging and calls for improving the fineness of printing (not unlimited), how can we not promote the sales of transportation packaging without distinguishing between functions and facts? Is this going to work? What will happen to the consequences? The author believes that there are at least three major drawbacks.

First of all, it deviates from the goal of packaging reduction, rationalization, and greenization required by national policies and regulations. Can use general box cardboard and hard to use cattle card, can use cattle card hard to use white board cattle card, can print single, two-color hard to print multi-color, and even outlets or full version, in order to achieve transport packaging sales. This is a typical over-packing performance. Zhang Weiwei, Director of the Department of Environment of the State Council's Office of South-to-North Water Transfer, pointed out in a blunt article “The green packaging printing is imperative”: “If one-sided exaggeration of the second function of packaging (that is, the sales function—the author’s note), it is easy to cause excessive packaging” . This is indeed the case. The developed countries focus on strengthening the function of transport packaging to meet actual needs. In the pattern design and printing, they are very simple and clear, and some even simplify the printing to a single row of monochrome letters.

Second, unreasonable increase in the economic burden of the supply and demand sides, waste of resources. Whether it is transport packaging or sales packaging. Due to their different functions, production and distribution costs vary. Under the premise of certain cost performance, adding any function will inevitably increase the cost. As a result, packaging companies will inevitably weaken their market competitiveness. The resulting resources include wasted time and efficiency. This has no benefit to both supply and demand, and it is even more pronounced when the competition is fierce.

Third, the compressive strength of the carton must be weakened, affecting the main functions. The compressive strength of the whole box is the most important test content in the physical indicators of the transport packaging carton. Practice and data show that in the printing process of carton corrugated board, each color is printed (times), the compressive strength of the carton will be reduced by more than 6% due to the damage of the corrugated medium, the printing tri-color will decrease by more than 17%, and the full-print version will decrease by 40%. %about.

That being the case, why do some users prefer multicolor printing and high-grade materials? This is not difficult to answer. First, most of these users do not understand the packaging structure and processing technology. More importantly, the long-term oversupply of the carton market has led to fierce competition. In order to win orders, the carton factory has to make a comeback and surrender to user requests. Of course, users will not pay for these excessive demands. Who does not want to buy silk at the price of cotton cloth? If the packaging factory is out of frustration to cater to the above-mentioned requirements of users, then what is the incentive for the “informed person” in the packaging industry to contribute to this excessive packaging?

For those packaging users who are truly knowledgeable, they have begun to purposefully prevent this tendency. It is most persuasive for users to come forward to correct the sales of transport packages. For example, TCL Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., where the original quoted one or two.

TCL company in the "How to effectively reduce the cost of CRT packaging cartons" article describes the method to reduce the cost of color TV packaging. One is to “combine with optimized paper distribution to improve the layout of the carton and minimize the damage to the physical properties of the carton.” The article said: “Each carton adds a new color, it must withstand the pressure of the printer's ink roller. There will be a certain degree of distortion, even if the use of paper to increase the quantification, increase the cost, the carton performance is also difficult to achieve the desired effect.To this end, the company's carton layout is simple and simple, strive to be concise, focused, minimize overprinting, overprinting, Reduce the difficulty of printing, thereby improving product qualification rate and production efficiency, and reducing costs."

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. said in its article “Reducing the Cost of Home Appliance Packaging Reasonably”: “After fully guaranteeing the safety of product transportation and storage, we have taken actions from two aspects to promote the reduction of packaging costs.” One is “printing cardboard boxes. "The re-development." "A field survey found that when consumers decide to buy home appliances, they pay more attention to the product brand, quality, after-sales service and the product's own appearance, function, price, etc. As for the appearance and color of the packaging, Most consumers will not be particularly concerned, but in actual production, each additional color of carton printing will increase the cost, so that the cost of the carton is much higher than that of a monocolored carton. At the same time, reducing environmental pollution is an important factor for Samsung to consider. Therefore, the company started with a simple design and simplified process, redesigned the appearance of the carton, changed the cartons of the general model and export model products to monochrome printing, reduced the production cost, improved the work efficiency, and embodied the concept of environmental protection." All texts can be found in China Packaging News on January 27, 2005.

I believe that in addition to large manufacturers such as TCL Corporation and Samsung Electronics Corporation, there are many big-name packaging users doing this work. Obviously, users have already awakened and acted. What should the packaging industry and the manufacturer do?

In fact, it is very simple, and the packaging industry has a unified understanding, working together to promote the work of users (markets). The first is to publicize relevant national laws and regulations, such as the “Cleaner Production Act”, “Solid Waste Environmental Pollution Prevention Act,” and the reduction in packaging, greenization, etc., and the second is to simplify the benefits of printing and saving paper materials, so that the benefits will be diverted. Both parties have benefits. The third is through testing examples to let users know the serious impact of increased ink or full-plate printing on the compressive strength. Fourthly, while industry associations and newspapers and periodicals are conducting policies and regulations, they will collect exemplary examples and results of domestic and international big brand packaging users, and publicize and guide the majority of packaging users and packaging companies. If they really do the above work, Transport packaging, including the tendency of the carton transport packaging to be sold, will surely be curbed. This is beneficial to the people, enterprises, and the country.

Careful people in the corrugated packaging industry take up your historical responsibility!

Reprinted from: China Packaging Business Network

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