Differences and Similarities between Digital Flexible Platemaking and Traditional Platemaking (Part Two)

VII. During the production of these traditional flexographic plates, the light penetration of the dots and the expanded value of the reticulate pressure are mainly manifested in the increasing value from the shallow tone to the deep dot. Generally speaking, from the perspective of the step scale, the value of each level of expansion increases with the growth of the perimeter value of the outlets, and finally it is completely lost at the outlet level of 95% or more!

In addition, in the small part of the wash plate, due to the amount of solvent in the surrounding infiltration, so that the lower part of the photosensitive resin expansion, resulting in the actual drying of the flexo, the small point than the real part of the high 0 01~002mm. In addition, the "sweeping" point-like structure makes the actual printed product in the small-dot part, and generally there is no big difference from 1% to 7%. That is to say, a lot of tonalities are lost at the high-light level of printed products.

Nine, imagine: If the actual loss of tone in the production and printing of each plate of the traditional flexo plate is multiplied by the assumption that it is YMCK four colors, and then multiplied by the scale that they may be combined with each other, that is, What a huge loss?

10. In the digital laser version for CDI, the ink used for UV inks is divided into two types. Their hardness is higher than that of traditional flexo plates. The hardness of the traditional field plate is more than 40 points, and the hardness of the plate used for the general network is about 50. In this way, the two types of plates with different hardness have different dot gains in the imprinting process of the printer. The soft plate has a high expansion value, and the plate material has a low expansion value.

Eleventhly, the points formed by the optical, chemical, and plate hardness of the above traditional flexographic screens and the various complex and uncontrollable expansion values ​​under the transfer of the press's physical pressure have resulted in the traditional flexographic printing. The film's extra high expansion value. Therefore, after the image color separation input computer is corrected, a large number of feature compensation compressions are performed according to different dot line numbers, dot shape, perimeter, and carrier factors of the printed product before the photo-setter outputs the dot film. Curve, in order to make the traditional flexographic printing in the printing of the high dot value of the expansion, so that the print product and the separation of the effect of the correct reduction.

XII. Due to the web-forming factors of CDI digital laser flexography, it is totally different from the traditional flexographic version. Therefore, this series of uncontrollable network expansion changes has been fully and effectively controlled digitally. In this way, in the production of CDI images, the above-mentioned series of difficult-to-control complex images dpi is converted to lpi, and the printed products can be relatively reduced without basically performing a compensation compression curve.

Thirteen, CDI laser plate making, due to greatly ease the various factors in the printing process, the expansion of the various factors, therefore, the total from the original color separation correction dpi pixel → screen printing version of the lpi → flexo printing color version The transfer process of the color image composed by the lpi stack becomes highly reproducible. The completeness of the reproduction at the product level and the stability of the final quality have unparalleled advantages over traditional flexographic printing. It should be noted that CDI digital laser flexible platemaking is a new development for traditional flexible platemaking. It is also a new technology that has emerged and developed in the long-term development of traditional flexible plates, those hard-to-solve difficulties and uncontrollable changes. For example, in the process of production and printing, the high expansion value of the dots, especially the complete transmission and transfer of the color layers of the fine mesh high-light areas, as well as the problems of bad dust, etc.

However, at the same time, it should be noted that after the traditional flexible plate has undergone long-term development, in order to meet the needs of various models and product types, various thickness and hardness index plates have been developed. However, CDI digital laser flexography has just begun in China, and the flexo printing market as a whole is still traditional. There is a process in which CDI laser plate making new technology comes to the market and the market understands the characteristics of CDI plate making. And in the field of solid color blocks that have been solved in the traditional version, it is not the specialty of the CDI laser version. At present, the selection scope of CDI plates is also very limited. With the multi-level and multi-faceted demands of the market, on the one hand, new types of plates will be developed according to the actual situation; on the other hand, the diversion of product grades will also lead to the long-term coexistence of different levels of CDI laser platemaking and traditional plate making. Development trend. Miles of water in the Yangtze River, each taking a drink. No one can afford to monopolize the entire market. However, the overall development trend, I must see is the brand-name, high-grade fine products gradually flow to the CDI digital laser flexible plate making, and the general low-end products still remain in the traditional flexible platemaking field.

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