Designer: Strategic Design

The strategic design concept is an emerging commercial design concept, a product of market economy, and a brand-new design concept that enables designers to truly go to market and be recognized by the market.

General good graphic designers need the following skills:
1. Design software operating skills 2. The grasp and use of color ability 3. The ability to think about graphics, creative ability 4. Mastery of printing related knowledge

The strategic design concept will impose higher requirements on designers, not only as outstanding designers, but also possessing the above-mentioned major skills. At the same time, they must also be market analysts, planners, know-how marketing, and products. The company has unique strategic thinking in image promotion. It is both an artist and a planner.

At present, there are many companies that provide various types of services for enterprises, such as advertising companies, public relations companies, planning and consulting companies, design studios, and municipal companies. The division of labor in the society has become more and more refined, so that companies are also indecisive when choosing cooperative companies. Some enterprises “differentiate the division of labor and cooperate with each other”, what kind of company needs to choose what kind of company, and this results in a high cost; some choose a company to conduct a full-scale agency, and this result is “put the egg In a basket, the services received may not be all desirable. The introduction of strategic design concepts has played a good role in the operation of the corporate market.

Strategic design is a comprehensive service approach. For service providers, design is no longer a single operation, but is the result of more participation and integration of other departments. The design work submitted to the client is based on the information-market-analysis-positioning-reflection model.

Strategic design is no longer simply the implementation of a certain creative idea, or a part of a series of projects, but the participation of the project to explore and demonstrate, make full use of design expertise to establish a good image for the company's services. The importance of revisiting the vision is because people are again ignoring the visual image of the product and the overall image of the company in the era of planning. It seems that the success of the product in the market is only due to the planner's big idea, and thus ignores other factors.

Author: Shen Liang

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