Decoration must see Feng Shui mystery good luck between the line of doom

Mirrors, wall clocks, paintings and calligraphy... These seemingly ordinary furnishings in their homes are actually hidden secrets. When placed properly, they can add to the fortune; if they are placed improperly, they will affect the fortune and even bring disaster to the blood. It can be said that "the water can carry the boat, and it can also overturn the boat". Today, you will be taught the tips of 22 indoor items, so that your air transport will start from this wind!

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

Hanging paintings and paintings in the home should focus on the content of fairness, joy and joy, and avoid sudden things. There are some masters of calligraphy and painting, such as the works of masters such as Xu Wei, Zhu Xi, Shi Tao, etc., but the beauty is beautiful, but the loss is so arrogant that it is only suitable for collection. It is not suitable for decoration at home.

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

If there is a ship in the painting, make the bow head toward the house and avoid facing the house. The ship has the meaning of “full load and return” in the feng shui, and the ship’s head is facing the house, and wealth will flow into the house.

Hanging the clock at home not only makes it easy for family members to see the time, but also has the effect of reaping wealth and evil spirits. However, when placing the wall clock, be sure to note that the front of the clock should not face the inside of the room, but should face the direction of the living room door or balcony.

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

According to the different things from north to south, the living room can also be divided into four directions: Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu. Among them, Qinglong and Suzaku should move in two directions, while Baihu and Xuanwu should be quiet. The hands of the clock are moving around day and night, so it should be placed in the two directions of the dragon or the Suzaku. Generally speaking, as long as the front of the clock is facing the living room door or balcony!

In addition to the orientation, the placement of the wall clock is also somewhat elegant. The wall clock can best be placed in the living room instead of being placed in the bedroom. If you must place a wall clock in your bedroom, avoid placing the wall clock on both sides of the bed and the end of the bed.

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

Many people like to use mirrors to decorate their homes. They even hope that they can play a role in warding off evil. However, the mirror itself is a dangerous thing. It is best not to use it indiscriminately to avoid injury.

In addition to the mirrors in the home, the screens of the LCD TV, the white polished tiles, the glass exterior walls of the building, etc., which reflect light, are considered to be "light" in the feng shui. It is best not to face the people often. Place, otherwise it will make people feel upset.

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

The mirror placed in the bedroom is especially taboo in the feng shui, because it will bring blood to the homeowner. If you want to put a dressing table in your bedroom, it's best to buy a style that the mirror can put down.

Of course, if the mirror is placed properly, it will be very helpful to improve the home feng shui. For example, placing a mirror in a restaurant can increase the family's wealth. But if you place a mirror outside the restaurant, such as in the kitchen, it will put a fire in your home.

Decorative display hidden Feng Shui mystery

In short, there are many taboos in the placement of mirrors. If you want to change the feng shui pattern in your home, it is best to start with decoration or decoration instead of hanging objects such as gossip mirrors at home. Otherwise, improper use will hurt your body.

Putting some green plants indoors can not only improve the visual effect of the room, but also purify the air, so it has become the first choice for many people to beautify their homes. However, "what songs to sing on the mountain", the placement of flowers should also refer to the function of the room, in order to help the home feng shui.

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