Creative clock makes your home have a flavor

We can't make the boring time fly fast, just like it's hard to keep those good moments. But we can choose a creative clock that will make the ticking seconds and seconds full of happy smiles. Let your home have a flavor.

Creative clock to help you keep a good moment

1 lush growth

Just as plants grow in lush, the years also portray our faces. The hour and minute hands are shaped to form the leaves of the plant and spread to the square in the ticking. The panel that can be pushed and pulled allows the wall to have different green scenery at all times. The wooden frame can be fitted with accessories of different shapes, colors and materials to create a wall clock with different feelings.

Creative clock to help you keep a good moment

2 wool coat

In the era of seeking individuality, environmental protection and advocating one's own hands, there is no product that can perfectly reflect the spirit of the times. Black, light coffee, milky white and other multi-colored wool coats, like the exquisite craftsmanship of the old grandmother, tell us that life can be made by ourselves, and time can be slowly. The detachable jacket makes cleaning easier. If you want to recreate it, you can change your appearance by changing the natural decoration of leaves and branches.

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