Chinese-American scientists introduce Chinese printing to live cell printing

The printing technique originated in China has made a great contribution in cultural communication, and it has also appeared in the field of cell research recently. According to Hong Kong ’s “Oriental Newspaper” reported on February 13, a scientific team led by Chinese scientists in the United States recently introduced Chinese woodblock printing technology thousands of years ago into live cell printing, which has been widely used in laboratory labor Inkjet printing for cell sample printing. This printing method with Chinese characteristics not only improves the survival rate of living cells, expands the shape of cell printing, but also reduces costs.

Scientist Zhang Kai, who leads woodblock printing research, is from the Houston Methodist Research Institute. He said: "Woodblock printing is an efficient and convenient technology, which has revolutionized the entire printing industry." Not only is it difficult for inkjet printing to lay down a single cell layer, the printing results sometimes have errors. The biggest drawback is that the survival rate of live cells after printing is only 50% to 80%. This research result was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to reports, woodblock printing, which originated in China, has also been used for molecular printing with high accuracy in the past 20 years. Zhang Kai ’s scientific team found that woodblock printing, which they called “block-cell”, can efficiently print various biological cells into various shapes on any surface. It takes half an hour to live cells. It was printed flat, with a survival rate of nearly 100%. In addition, woodblock printing costs US $ 1 (about RMB 6.06) per mold, compared to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for inkjet printing.

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